Letter: Gettysburg is no place for Trump

Published: 8/14/2020 12:10:43 AM
Modified: 8/14/2020 12:10:33 AM

For the last 3½ years, Donald Trump has uttered enough lies, falsehoods, and inane statements to fill volumes. Nothing, however, more dramatically illustrates his unsuitability for office than his recent statement that perhaps he will deliver his nomination acceptance speech at Gettysburg National Battlefield.

The president, who has made dividing a nation his political strategy, will deliver his highly partisan speech on ground that was the site of one of the most extreme outcomes of partisanship in U.S. history. Over 40,000 Americans were killed or wounded on this ground fighting each other over a partisan issue and this president, more divisive than any other in our history, desires to give a speech designed to further rip this nation apart.

On ground where one president once sought to heal and unite a nation, Trump will try to tear it apart to further his political ambition.

Civil War battlefields should never be the site of partisan politics, no matter the candidate or their party affiliation, but especially not this president.




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