Letter: It’s time to hold Trump accountable

Published: 10/16/2019 8:40:00 AM

President Donald Trump once said that he could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot someone and not lose any votes. I have always thought this was a ridiculous statement, but I’m beginning to wonder if it is true. No matter his actions, supporters of President Trump seem to stand with him.

The same voters who expressed outrage at President Clinton’s affair with his secretary and his lack of “family values” seem to have no problem with President Trump’s extramarital affair with a porn star named Stormy Daniels. Voters who insisted that President Obama was born outside the U.S. (he wasn’t) and thus had an allegiance to a foreign power seem to have no problem with President Trump enlisting a foreign power to investigate a political rival. Right-to-life voters seem unmoved by images of children being held in cages, separated from their families, simply because they are immigrants. Family values voters still support President Trump even after his own admission that he gropes women because he can get away with it.

It is long past time that an impeachment investigation into President Trump’s actions be taken up by Congress. He has freely admitted that he asked the president of the Ukraine to “do him a favor” and investigate his political rival, Joe Biden. President Trump seems to think he is above the law and that neither Congress nor the American people can hold him accountable. Now is the time to prove him wrong.




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