Letter: Trumpism meets Libertarianism

Published: 10/15/2020 7:00:37 PM

I believe I have discovered the exact point where Trumpism and Libertarianism intersect. Beside the road in Henniker, among a small cluster of candidates’ signs, a larger than most sign claims the following: “Liberty Wears No Mask.”

Stripped of whatever bogus philosophy it pretends to, the sign boasts an unwillingness to experience the slightest inconvenience to protect another person’s health or even life.

Is not the hyperventilating group-grunting at mask-free Trump rallies merely a more brutish expression of the high-falutin’ lingo Libertarians employ when they get starry-eyed about things like taxes (bad) and property (good)?

Both groups defy the principle stated by Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes that their fist’s [or pathogen’s] rights end at the tip of my nose.

Their narcissism ignores scientific evidence, common sense, and most importantly basic rules of decency and courtesy. True, they may think or say whatever they choose; but a civilized, compassionate society cannot tolerate their antisocial speech becoming antisocial behavior.

You know who you are; think beyond yourselves for a change. We will survive not seeing the incomparable beauty of your faces, if you let us survive.



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