Letter: Letter about voting short on facts

Published: 12/3/2018 12:01:14 AM

I agree with Bill Bunker’s letter of Nov. 27 that Colin Van Ostern has politicized an election that I suspect most of us didn’t realize was an election. It seems clear to me that Van Ostern is determined to get his stalled political career back in gear after suffering a defeat in a previous gubernatorial race. His pursuit of the secretary of state position is simply a way of re-establishing himself in New Hampshire’s political scene and hubs of influence.

That said, Bunker cannot resist side-swiping his favorite targets along the way: Democrats, progressives and the ever-elusive left. His attacks, however, are long on generalizations and short on facts. For example, where exactly were votes found in someone’s car? Was this in New Hampshire or somewhere else? What is the evidence that anything similar happened in New Hampshire? Where did Democrats benefit from blatant voter fraud? What’s the basis for claiming that progressives (i.e., Dems and that pesky left) refuse to allow a cleanup of voting rolls? Where is the evidence that Van Ostern wants to minimize New Hampshire’s primary election influence? How could he possibly “disenfranchise” half of the state’s voting population?

Bunker seems to be taking his cue from a line in John Ford’s classic western The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance. And I’m paraphrasing here: When truth and myth conflict, print the myth.



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