Letter: The courage to save lives

Tuesday, March 13, 2018
The courage to save lives

Last Tuesday, House Democrats asked the New Hampshire House of Representatives to suspend the rules so they would be able to introduce new legislation for this legislative session. The goal was to introduce common-sense legislation to help prevent gun violence. A great opportunity was lost to make an impact on gun violence in New Hampshire when the House refused to suspend the rules (you can see how your representatives voted by visiting the N.H. General Court website). New Hampshire will now have to wait until the next legislative session to be able to introduce reasonable legislation that can have a positive impact on preventing gun-related deaths and injuries for victims of domestic violence, suicide, accidents, crimes and, heaven forbid, a mass shooting.

I call on our representatives, senators and governor to begin work now on legislation to introduce at the next session. Please, let’s address the issues of universal background checks, age requirements, extreme risk protection orders and the banning of military-style assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. Even though gun violence is an issue that is often seen as too divisive, these are issues that have a broad base of support, including many gun owners.

In my last letter to the editor I reported that according to Mass Shooting Tracker in the first 45 days of this year, there had been 41 mass shootings. Now, at day 66, there have been 52. The time is now; we must have the courage to turn this ship of gun violence around.