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  • Glen Ellis Falls in Pinkham’s Grant SARAH KINNEY / Monitor staff

  • New Hampshire’s largest water fall, Arethusa Falls, drops nearly 200 feet. The falls can be reached by a 1.3 mile trail in the White Mountain National Forest in Crawford Notch State Park. AP file

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Published: 6/1/2017 5:31:34 PM

With warmer weather finally here, many are looking to get back outside to explore.

Just north of Concord, scattered amid the White Mountain National Forest is the New Hampshire waterfall tour, a ring of stops to check out some natural wonders – waterfalls.

There are waterfalls sprinkled throughout the state, but in this area, you can see more than a dozen in a drivable loop. You’ll have to hike to some, but others have accessible pathways, scenic viewpoints or are visible from the road

Ammonoosuc Ravine

Base Station Road, Carroll

Though not the tallest in the state, this 100-foot waterfall is worth the 2.3-mile hike to view it.

Arethusa Falls

Route 302, Livermore

At 176-feet-tall, Arethusa Falls is the highest single waterfall in the Granite State. While you’re here visit the nearby Bemis Brook Falls, Fawn Pool and Coliseum Falls in Crawford Notch State Park.

Beecher and Pearl Cascades

Crawford Notch Road, Carroll

Near the Crawford Depot, an old train station, you can find the trail to these 25-foot waterfalls.

Crystal Cascade

Route 16, Pinkham’s Grant

Two tiers of falls: a 60-foot drop followed by a 20-foot drop.

Diane’s Baths

3725 West Side Road, Bartlett

There is a series of small falls you can take a dip in, but the water supply for the area is above and swimming isn’t permitted there.

Flume Cascade and Silver Cascade

Crawford Notch Road, Hart’s Location

You can view these from your car, but get out for a better look.

Glen Ellis Falls

Route 16, Jackson

A 64-feet plunge of the Ellis River into a basin. Signs in the area describe history and geography.

Jackson Falls

1 Carter Notch Road, Jackson

This is a popular area for swimming and viewing on hot summer days. There are little pools and small falls to cool off under. The falls aren’t far from the roadway.

Lower Falls

Kancamangus Highway, Albany

These falls are located along the popular and scenic Kancamagus Highway.

Ripley Falls and Kendron Flume

Route 302, Hart’s Location

To view these falls, you just have to take a short, easy hike.

Sabbaday Falls

Kancamangus Highway, Albany

Three drops in the falls. No swimming.

Thompson Falls

White Mountain Road, Gorham

A series of falls along the Thompson Brook near Wildcat Ski Area.

Many of the waterfalls are located within the White Mountain National Forest. While viewing is free, you may have to pay a $5 fee to park.

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