Letter: Do the right thing and vote for Biden

Published: 10/28/2020 12:01:57 AM

United we must stand, because the president’s policies have splintered our country and separated us from the rest of the world. His immigration policies have separated children from their families and keep them apart to this day. He is determined to negate the entire Affordable Care Act. He has lied about the recovery of steel and coal towns. He has pulled us out of international accords, thereby making the United States a laughingstock among those nations that care about the environment and climate change.

This year alone, he has belittled and demeaned scientists and physicians and claimed to have won the battle against COVID-19. He has rallied his unmasked and gullible supporters, who evidently don’t see the dangers inherent in his policies. And no, he is decidedly not making our country great, at all.

Look into your conscience and find the truth. The only way America can protect its own people and its constitution is by voting in Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. United we must stand by voting for Biden and Harris, and Democrats all down the ballot. On Nov. 3, we all must do the right thing: Save the country and vote Democrat.



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