Letter: Column by Feltes challenger disingenuous

Tuesday, October 09, 2018

Pam Ean’s Oct. 3 column in the Monitor was disingenuous, at best.

First, she fails to note her background as a Free Stater. The reality is Dan Feltes, who she is attacking in the Monitor and in our community in vitriolic ways, is probably more a Republican than she is. Yet, somehow, she is on the ballot as a “Republican” while completely failing to disclose her actual background.

Second, Ean’s statement that school vouchers are tax relief is categorically false. Every analysis shows that sending public tax dollars to private prep schools only drives up property taxes to recoup the losses to public schools.

Third, she parroted the phony talking points of the insurance lobby in her opposition to paid family and medical leave insurance, something that is supported by more than 200 New Hampshire businesses.

In short, this isn’t an honest or a credible campaign. Hopefully everyone, including my Republican friends, will see right through it and vote for Dan Feltes.