Letter: Review Burt’s voting record and vote for Evans

Published: 9/9/2020 12:01:17 AM

I am of the opinion that elected officials have a responsibility to act in the best interest of their constituents. When I was researching to learn more about our candidates, I was dismayed with what I found for some of our existing New Hampshire representatives.

It’s important to examine the records of those running for office so I took some time to look into that of John Burt of Goffstown. What I found was very disappointing. Every measure that came before our legislators this year that surrounded measures to curtail use of film plastics, plastic straws, or polystyrene foam were met with a nay. Bills relative to greenhouse gases, radioactive air pollutants, and monitoring ambient groundwater standards were met with the same nay vote.

When it came to supporting legislation to lower costs of prescription drugs, an issue causing one out of five Granite Staters to ration their medications often to negative consequences – again we get a nay. When subtle changes to our absentee voting requirements were passed this year in order to allow people at risk to vote safely in light of COVID-19 concerns for the 2020 elections, another nay. Both of these measures were supported and signed by our governor.

The list goes on. Our elected officials are charged with representing their constituents and supporting legislation that enhances and improves the lives of their citizens. John Burt does not do that. Cast your vote wisely. Vote for Gary Evans this fall.



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