Letter: Rogers serves her constituents well

Published: 10/14/2018 12:01:07 AM

During my terms in the New Hampshire House of Representatives, including one sitting beside Rep. Katherine Rogers, I got to know and respect her intelligence and her work ethic. Each term she selected real issues to address and then worked like crazy to get them passed.

You will find lots of representatives who add their names on 20 or more bills, but they add their names only and not their effort. That is not the case with Katherine Rogers. Sitting beside her, I saw first-hand how hard she would work on every bill to which she put her name. I also saw how she sought bipartisan support for those bills, seeking out Republicans who were willing to work with her because of their respect for her diligence and her goals. She fought for passage of bills for the elderly, veterans, firefighters, service dogs, financial disclosure and issues local to Concord.

As we chatted about bills, she spoke of how specific ones would affect her constituents, and at times voted against party leadership when she felt there might be a negative effect on those constituents.

The people of her district are fortunate to have a real worker representing them. Lots of candidates spout political slogans in order to get elected. Katherine Rogers works for her constituents.



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