Letter: Ward 8 will miss Patten

Published: 11/10/2018 12:00:55 AM

What were the voters of Concord Heights Ward 8 possibly thinking when they neglected to re-elect Rep. Dick Patten?

Patten was such an icon: a pioneer for social justice, a friend of the less fortunate and an extremely hard-working rep for Ward 8.

We are missing him already, and we just can’t go away quietly without reminding the Heights area of all Dick’s accomplishments.

He served as the youngest and longest-serving master in state Pineconia Grange, beginning his service at 17 and continuing today. How many smiles has Dick created in 48 years of organizing the Concord Christmas Parade? Dick served on the Salvation Army advisory board, and he also volunteers and hosts CCTV’s Around Town and has for the past 18 years. Dick hosts the Catholic Radio “Faith Speaks” and has for three years. He has been awarded the Citizen of the Year by the Concord Chamber of Commerce.

All these accomplishments, and Dick still served as a state representative.

Do we need to go on showing how Dick was not appreciated enough to be re-elected after the Monitor took it upon themselves to berate this man while he worked on his re-election campaign? We citizens in Concord were very aware of the Monitor’s bias.

To Concord’s voters who missed their chance to re-elect Dick Patten, this neglect and missed opportunity was a travesty that the young Democrats and the Monitor will soon realize.



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