Letter: Warm day for MLK

Published: 2/27/2021 12:01:14 AM

MLK Day is held during the coldest week in the United States. Two years ago I attended an event at a synagogue in Manchester. It was 10 degrees with a bone-chilling wind. How can we expect a good turnout when it’s freezing outside?

The South has well-attended parades on MLK Day because it’s warm. I’ve sent letters to our New Hampshire reps and senators asking for a bill to move Martin Luther King Day to spring, summer, or fall so that millions of Americans in the North can partake as well.

Moving MLK Day to a warm day is a massive “force multiplier.” It is free, easy, and leverages the participation of millions. The point is to celebrate civil rights for all, not the birthday of an individual.

A successful nation always says yes to the easy things. If anybody knows Sens. Shaheen or Hassan, or Reps. Kuster or Pappas, please ask them to sponsor a bill moving MLK Day to one that is warm.



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