Letter: One nation

Published: 4/10/2019 12:02:05 AM

I wish our current president and governor would speak to the people, all the people. We are constantly disparaged and ridiculed by President Trump and Gov. Sununu, simply because we believe that:

■Our planet is important. We cannot throw it away and buy another one.

■Not only the wealthy deserve access to health care, and the support to care for loved ones at home.

■Our institutions should be preserved and improved. We want a state that values public education.

■Semi-automatic weapons (not all guns!) that can kill hundreds of people within minutes should be in the hands of the military. Period. The founders who wrote the Second Amendment could not envision current military weaponry. Do we really think there should be no restrictions to this amendment and that our neighbors should be free to have an atomic bomb in their garage?

■We need a sound immigration policy, not a medieval wall.

■We need taxes that are fair and proportionate to a person’s ability to pay. This is not the case currently in New Hampshire. Compare what you are paying in N.H. taxes with what the millionaire down the road pays. With regard to federal taxes, we want to know what our president pays. Now.

■We want and desperately need civility back in our government. The debate is what made America great. We need thoughtful debate on the issues, not name-calling and fear-mongering.

To our president and our governor – please stop disparaging your people.



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