Why did a giant plane fuselage come through Concord? Good question

  • Jordan Reynolds, owner of Col’s Kitchen on South Main Street, took this picture of the fuselage of a C-130 being hauled through Concord on Wednesday. Courtesy of Jordan Reynolds

Published: 11/18/2020 6:37:07 PM

If you’re wondering why an enormous Air Force plane was hauled through Concord on Wednesday, you’re not alone.

The fuselage of an Air Force Hercules C-130, weighing roughly 55,000 pounds and so large that traffic had to be halted, went through Concord around noon on Wednesday. Its wings were hauled separately, but we’re not sure where they were going. According to social media reports, by Thurday afternoon the fuselage had passed through Lebanon into Vermont.

“It was moving really slowly, took up both the lanes,” said Jordan Reynolds, owner of Col’s Kitchen on South Main Street, who snapped a few photos as it trundled by.

According to Greg Heilshorn, the New Hampshire National Guard’s public information officer, the plane’s serial number indicated that the fuselage was from a C-130, four-engine Air Force turboprop for transporting equipment that was built in 1974 and decommissioned last year.

A report by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association says it was flown into the Frederick, Maryland, Municipal Airport in September 2019, where its engines and propellers were removed and shipped to an Air Force depot. The wings and stabilizers were taken off and it was driven to nearby Fort Detrick in March, where it was to have been “reassembled and used to test equipment and procedures.”

What happened after that, and why it came through Concord on Wednesday, is unclear.  We do know that it wasn’t going to the New Hampshire Aviation Museum in Manchester, or to Concord’s Discovery Center or to Concord Municipal Airport or Manchester-Boston Regional Airport. It’s also not going to the New Hampshire Fire Training Academy, which does firefighter training inside structures.

We’ll let you know when we find out.

If you know  anything about it, let me know: dbrooks@cmonitor.com or 603-325-7822.

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