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  • Elyssa Alfieri was interviewed by Josh Hardy, Executive Director of Concord TV, to share her story as a small business owner in Concord. Courtesy

Published: 11/24/2021 5:18:28 PM

As online shopping has become more common, many of us have lost touch with the community members in our area who operate small businesses. Chatting with business owners, retail workers and fellow shoppers, can be a key part of getting into the holiday spirit and hunting down the perfect gifts for loved ones. The good news is that Concord’s retail stores have continued to thrive and offer shoppers a cozy, smalltown atmosphere. There’s a unique feeling of community that emerges when you shop locally — investing in friends, families and our city’s wellbeing.

The Greater Concord Chamber of Commerce and Intown Concord, with generous support from presenting sponsor NBT Bank, N.A., are partnering to present “Spread Joy, Shop Concord” to tell stories about local business owners, their employees, friends, and family who are impacted by your shopping choices this season. To kick off the campaign, the Chamber and Intown Concord interviewed Elyssa Alfieri, owner of Lilise Designer Resale (LDR), and collected stories from her customers and employees. LDR is a consignment shop that features vintage fashion, secondhand items from top designers, and a clothing line created by Elyssa herself. LDR’s goal is to “create a local community through a shared love for style, sustainability, shopping local, and having fun!” After sifting through countless testimonials from LDR customers, it’s clear that Elyssa has fulfilled this mission.

“LDR was one of the first places I felt at home in Concord. I was a new law student in a new city, but watching Elyssa’s Instagram made me feel more at home, less alone, and feel like I was part of a community,” wrote a customer. “During the pandemic, I wasn’t even in the state, but Elyssa and her livestreams were a constant, getting me through.” At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, Elyssa began creating live “Couch Sale” videos to highlight new items and connect with her customers. These livestreams were comforting to many local customers, and allowed the LDR community to stay connected. “The store is amazing, but what makes LDR such a special place are the people there,” continued the customer.

When asked about the demographic for her store, Elyssa replied that LDR is a space for everyone. “The legacy that we want to leave is one of creating a space where people know they are accepted for who they are, and they can find really great things that can highlight who they are.” Elyssa continued, “I think our customers are like family. That’s something that we really try to cultivate in our customer base — that sense of belonging and that buy-in to what you can do for your community when you shop locally.” Another customer wrote, “When [Elyssa] says ‘shop local’… there is more to that than a business transaction, it’s karmic community building. Her customers are the benefactors of this intuitive and individualized style of small business leadership.” Elyssa is a strong advocate for shopping locally, and explained that she frequently recommends other local stores to her customers. She believes that Concord has become a destination for shoppers; visiting her store is an excuse to explore other shops, local restaurants, and attractions. Her passion for small businesses in Concord made participation in “Spread Joy, Shop Concord” an easy choice.

Area businesses, nonprofits, and community members are welcome to join this movement to remind locals of the joy that comes with shopping locally. Spread Joy, Shop Concord participants are encouraged to share their stories, and spread the word about unique products, deals and community events going on in Concord. Even non-retail businesses can get involved and align themselves with this mission to build community and support small businesses. The campaign highlights important dates like Plaid Friday — a local alternative to Black Friday — and events like Midnight Merriment — a night of special deals, and festive fun hosted by Intown Concord. Follow #SpreadJoyShopConcord on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to learn more and visit concordnhchamber.com/spread-joy-shop-concord to get involved.

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