Invention Convention at CWES

  • First grader Ashley Thellen, the only student to create a Rube Goldberg machine at Center Woods Elementary this year, shows Weare school board chairwoman and Invention Convention judge Marge Burke how her Pour A Matic 2018 works.

  • Autumn Duquette shows CWES school nurse Pat McNeil how her Water Ornament (first-place General category for third-grade) works. Her invention features a funnel in an ornament at a reachable part of the top of a Christmas tree.

  • Claire McCallum (left) and Grace Meisser pose with their Doggie Evacuator, which took first place in the second-grade Challenge category.

  • Third-grader, Josh Askham, explains to John Stark Regional High School Principal and Invention Convention judge how his Vet on Wheels works (a first-place winner in the Challenge category)​​​​​​.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Center Woods Elementary, Center Woods Upper Elementary, and Weare Middle schools held their Invention Conventions in mid-February. The Invention Convention is part of The Young Inventor’s Program administered by The Academy of Applied Science in Concord. The Young Inventors Program is a K-12 Project-based learning program that provides a hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) educational enrichment opportunity to budding youth inventors.

There were three categories of inventions: General (solves everyday problems), Challenge (Inventions to the Rescue), and Rube Goldberg Machines (a complicated machine that accomplishes a simple task using a chain reaction). All students presented their inventions to a panel of staff and community member judges, enhancing both their social and public speaking skills. Winners will compete at the Regional Convention on March 25 at Southern New Hampshire University.