Letter: Democracy at the town level

Published: 4/18/2021 9:00:18 AM

We the people have our hands full. We’re dealing with a pandemic, climate change and drought, unending wars, millions of people lacking health care, refugees at our borders, extreme income disparities, no affordable housing for the next generation and a corporate-controlled media telling us what to think. Where do we go from here?

The answer is to get organized where we live, town by town, as that is where democracy starts and ends. By systemic design most people are uninvolved, uninformed and politically dysfunctional, and if we don’t change that soon then the status quo will allow the oligarchs to continue to control our government and get richer as they destroy our nation and planet. The NH Community Rights Network helps community and town groups organize so that they can become empowered to pass ordinances that protect our rights to clean water, air, and land, and to preserve our ecosystems. The more towns that become organized the more local power and control for we the people, so that we can make elected officials accountable to us instead of the rich ruling elite.

Peter A. White


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