Letter: Endorsing Gov. DeSantis

Published: 11-24-2023 7:00 AM

Governor Ron DeSantis is my choice for president of The United States for several reasons. His leadership as governor of Florida very closely resembles what we expect of our local politicians and what many of us in New Hampshire, are looking for in an executive. He has had to make many tough decisions as governor and did so decisively. While the influx of illegal immigrants does not directly affect many of us in New Hampshire, it affects us all indirectly and the steps he took to address this influx will in the end help the citizens of the entire nation.

Like New Hampshire, Gov. DeSantis runs a state with a surplus budget. He understands that fiscal responsibility is important to the economic health of a state or a nation. A few years ago, New Hampshire passed constitutional right to carry legislation, DeSantis pushed and passed the same for his state. This legislation protects individual rights and preserves personal safety. While we were faced with COVID-19, DeSantis kept his state open for business. He did this against much pressure from outside sources, using common sense instead of running with the panicked masses. Gov. Ron DeSantis has a proven track record of being a steward of conservative values while using common sense when faced with the multitude of problems that we are faced with today.

Harold French


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