Letter: Beaver Meadow Clubhouse

Published: 11-26-2023 7:00 AM

As a Concord resident and longtime player at Beaver Meadow, allow me to respond to Marshall Irving’s recent letter castigating those who question the expenditure of $10 million for a new golf facility. Residents who question the project are neither poorly informed nor disinterested, nor necessarily pursuing some political agenda. Residents questioning the current proposal have legitimate concerns about its priority in light of other needs, such as a new middle school.

Nor have the project’s proponents clearly explained why a $1 million upgrade is inadequate. Reasonable people can disagree as to the size and cost of renovating the clubhouse, just as they can disagree on whether non-residents should pay higher greens fees. Mr. Irving can afford to cavalierly dismiss those who want the city to proceed with greater transparency. As a Bow resident, he is not footing the bill for the city’s decisions. Concord residents do not have that luxury.

Don Feith


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