N.H. Jeep dealers in an interesting position because of our stance on pollution standards


Monitor staff

Published: 06-20-2023 8:27 PM

New Hampshire Jeep dealers are about to be in an interesting position because of the announcement by parent company Stellantis that they're not going to be sending gas-powered vehicles to states that have signed onto the California Air Resources Board emissions standards. It's still a little confusing what exactly Stellantis is doing and why – avoiding government penalties seems to be the driving force – but that is the gist of it.

New Hampshire is in an interesting spot because all the states around us have signed onto CARB standards but we (of course) haven't. Expect to see lots of "live free or die" posturing but the result is still unclear.

Maybe New Hampshire get lots of cross-border Jeep sales from gas lovers, but maybe local dealers won't be getting any of the popular Jeep plug-in hybrids so we’ll lose sales tothe CARB states around us. It remains to be seen.

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