What they’re saying: Concord community weighs in on the Beaver Meadow Golf clubhouse

The outside of the Beaver Meadow Golf clubhouse on Thursday, June 22, 2023.

The outside of the Beaver Meadow Golf clubhouse on Thursday, June 22, 2023. GEOFF FORESTER

Monitor staff

Published: 12-04-2023 5:16 PM

Modified: 12-06-2023 4:12 PM

Mayor Jim Bouley’s decision to put a $10.3 million bond before the City Council on its last meeting before six new councilors are sworn into office caught the public’s attention. Whether it was the timing or the price tag, residents have been reacting online to stories about the upcoming public hearing and vote on Dec. 11.

Here’s a sample of what people are saying. These comments are taken from Facebook, with the author’s permission:

Ben Hunsaker: “This is going to benefit approximately 2,000 people in the top tax bracket instead of the whole 40,000 population of Concord.”

Pam Wicks: “The issue is that right now isn’t the time. The city needs to rebuild the middle school. There is lead in the water, leaking/failing roof, and poor climate control. And while these are separate budgets, the pool of money is the same and so the city needs to put a pin in this project and let the middle school go first. There are also other city projects that need to be prioritized over the clubhouse (Memorial Field for one). Also, why no discussion of fundraising? If parents need to raise money for public park playground equipment, it is not unreasonable to ask golfers/Nordic skiers to do the same for their clubhouse.”

Mark Hoban: “It reeks of a personal want (bordering on a conflict of interest for some counselors who have been members for years) versus a community need. I golf there. I love the Beav. But in the grand scheme of things we don’t need a TEN MILLION DOLLAR clubhouse. The rationale that it’s ‘fOr MoRe ThAn GoLF’ is a joke. Plenty of event spaces in town. Not to mention the 4 or 5 golf courses within a 15-minute drive.”

Linda Mongan: “Everybody wants a piece of the budget pie. And folks tend to champion in relation to their favorite things. Golf is way down on the list. Especially a course that has been bleeding money for years.”

Erik Stenberg: “The Beav needs this fresh start! A less than million dollar renovation won’t nearly cover the costs of what actually needs to be done to make this summer staple in the community last for generations like a full re-build will. This “renovation budget” proposal isn’t factoring in the overhaul of the treacherous parking lot. It will not help create more space for the winter business the facility brings in either like the simulators and cross country skiing.”

Jesse Wheeler Russell: “Please contact your city councilor if the cost is too much to you. Civic engagement is key.”