Opinion: President Biden abandons New Hampshire


Published: 10-26-2023 1:58 PM

Adam Czarkowski works in the technology sector and lives in Penacook. 

Having grown up in New Hampshire, I know how important the First in the Nation Primary is. I remember in 1988 when I wasn’t even 10 years old being outside at recess arguing with my friends about who would win the New Hampshire Primary. Yes, we had recess outside back then even if it was cold. Later that year my parents dressed me as Michael Dukakis for Halloween. I am still healing from that. In my lifetime I have met three presidential candidates. Two of them by happenstance – you can’t get that in any other state. New Hampshire voters are engaged, and our state’s smaller population allows candidates to connect directly with voters.

President Biden has announced he will not be on the New Hampshire Primary ballot. The Democratic National Convention (DNC) is still deciding if it will punish New Hampshire for not following its primary calendar. It shouldn’t be a surprise President Biden is bailing out on New Hampshire. He did very poorly here in 2008 and 2020.

The real question is how will voters react in 2024 to the president showing he doesn’t care about New Hampshire? New Hampshire is a very purple state. In the past 11 years Democrats have controlled the NH House for 4 years and the Republicans have controlled it for 7. We have an extremely popular Republican governor, yet we have all Democrats for our federal delegation.

This could be a major win for Republicans in New Hampshire if they are smart. The fact that the Democrat president has snubbed New Hampshire voters could be a big help in down-ballot races. First, Republicans need to present better candidates to voters. Please, no more candidates on tape talking about demons or making anti-LGBTQ+ remarks. Second, Republicans need to focus on winning issues like tax cuts and less spending. Fiscally responsible government is a winning issue here in New Hampshire. Third, Republicans need to treat abortion like Bruno in the Disney movie Encanto. Don’t talk about it! According to a Pew Research poll 66% of New Hampshire voters support abortion in “most” cases. Extreme abortion bans are a losing issue.

President Biden has handed the New Hampshire Republican party a gift. The question is, what will they do with it? Will Republicans moderate some views to win over independent voters? Or will they cater to the extreme elements of the party? Independent voters make up over 40% of registered voters.

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Independent voters are the key to either partying winning elections. Republican leadership should remember you can’t govern if you don’t win.