Police review timeline of Clegg apprehension, evidence used 

Concord Detective Danika Gorham testified on both Tuesday and Wednesday, saying that she spent weeks combing through surveillance footage from Walmart and located Logan Clegg making purchases between November 2021 and April 2022.

Concord Detective Danika Gorham testified on both Tuesday and Wednesday, saying that she spent weeks combing through surveillance footage from Walmart and located Logan Clegg making purchases between November 2021 and April 2022. GEOFF FORESTER / Monitor staff


Monitor staff

Published: 10-11-2023 6:01 PM

The day after retired Concord couple Steve and Wendy Reid were fatally shot last spring, police said Logan Clegg was seen on surveillance purchasing rubbing alcohol, a new tent and a new sleeping bag from Walmart. 

In the 24 hours after the Reids were killed, Clegg burned his tent site in the woods north of the Alton Woods apartment complex where the Reids lived and fled the state in an attempt to cover his crimes, according to the timeline presented by the prosecution at Clegg’s murder trial in Concord. 

Concord Detective Danika Gorham explained to jurors the details of collecting evidence from Clegg and his campsites in Concord and Vermont. 

When detectives found 115 burnt propane tanks and various receipts from Walmart at the burnt tent site in July 2022, Gorham spent weeks combing through surveillance footage from the store and located their suspect making purchases between November 2021 and April 2022, she said. Police later learned Clegg was working and living in Concord during that time. 

In all but one of the 49 recorded transactions, the suspect is identified by the black leather hat, black backpack, blue bandanna, brown jacket, black pants and brown boots described by several witnesses and police who came in contact with Clegg, who was living in the woods near the murder scene. In one recorded transaction the day after the murders, the suspect was seen wearing a blue jacket, instead of a brown jacket, and did not have his face covered. 

Gorham found that the suspect purchased 19 miniature propane tanks from Walmart during those dates and found that the rest were purchased via Amazon, she said. The Walmart purchases often included Mountain Dew, rotisserie chicken, razor blades, paper towels and ice cream. 

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The purchase of the tent, sleeping bag and rubbing alcohol were not consistent with his former purchases and stood out to police as unusual given its proximity to the murders.  

All of the transactions were paid for in cash or with one of 21 prepaid debit cards used by the suspect, Gorham said. Several of the debit cards used at Walmart were also used at Shaw’s and online to purchase items from Amazon and vitamins from a supplement company.

In September 2022, Gorham found one purchase from December 8, 2021, that was ordered under the name Logan Clegg with a known email associated with Arthur Kelly, which police said in one of Clegg’s aliases. This was the first time police learned Clegg’s true identity, Gorham said. 

Police ran a background check and learned that Clegg was born in Arizona and grew up in Washington state, she continued. Detectives learned he had prior issues with law enforcement and pleaded guilty to three felony offenses in Utah, in September 2022. There was an active warrant for his arrest issued on July 21, 2022, from Cache County. 

A further search of his debit cards revealed that Clegg purchased two Glock 17 9mm magazines from an online gun retailer on March 25, 2022. During their investigation, detectives collected 9mm bullets, casings and fragments from the crime scene and Clegg’s former tent sites. When Clegg was arrested in Burlington, Vermont in October, he was in possession of a fully loaded Glock 17. Two cases of 9mm Sig Luger ammunition were later collected from his tent site in Vermont. 

When Clegg was arrested, he was also in possession of $7,150 in cash and an envelope from the United Kingdom addressed to Arthur Kelly. Inside, police found a Romanian identification card with a photo of Clegg and the name “Claude Zemo.” They also found various envelopes, employment records and packages addressed to Arthur Kelly, further solidifying the connection between the two names. 

Clegg’s defense attorneys have maintained his innocence and continue to argue that his elusive behavior before and after the fatal shootings was a result of his previous felony convictions and paranoia to keep his identity hidden from police, not an indication of guilt. 

Clegg, 27, is facing four charges of second-degree murder, four charges of falsifying evidence and one count of being a felon in possession of a firearm, felonies. If found guilty, he faces life in prison. He has remained held without bail in the Merrimack County of Corrections in Boscawen since his arrest last fall. 

Gorham will continue her testimony on Thursday morning.