84 Great Danes rescued from ‘suspected puppy mill’

Monitor staff
Monday, June 19, 2017

A Wolfeboro woman has been charged with animal cruelty after 84 Great Danes were taken from two properties as part of what the Humane Society is calling a “suspected puppy mill.”

Christina Fay of Wolfeboro was charged with two misdemeanor counts after the animals were seized by police, who were responding to her Wolfeboro residence for reports of dogs barking.

“I’ve never seen conditions this bad in more than 21 years of law enforcement. Words cannot describe the absolute abhorrent conditions these animals were living in,” Chief Dean Rondeau of the Wolfeboro Police Department said in a press release.

The Humane Society said in a press release that the dogs had “limited access to food or water. The dogs were sliding on their own feces while walking, and several had eyelids so swollen their eyes were red.

“The smell of ammonia, feces and raw chicken overwhelmed rescuers,” the release stated.

Wolfeboro police said additional charges against Fay are likely.

The dogs were taken to a temporary emergency animal shelter at an undisclosed location.

The Humane Society said it “rarely” needs to help with animal neglect cases in New Hampshire because the state’s animal shelters have the resources to handle most cases, but this incident overwhelmed the state.

In its statement, the Wolfeboro press release noted that Christina Fay is often called “Tina,” but is “not of Saturday Night Live fame.”

The statement argued that the charges are important because of the need to uphold the rule of law.

“This case is not just about a few dogs being neglected, it’s about reckless conduct, abhorrent behavior toward animals over profit and a scofflaw attitude about business practices, rules and regulations, which are important to the town and the state of New Hampshire.”