Tilton, Northfield voters okay Tilton taking ownership of island park

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Published: 3/18/2019 3:13:34 PM

Voters in Tilton and Northfield made official what both towns had been inching toward for years – making the Tilton Island Park officially the property of Tilton.

The park was co-owned by both Tilton and Northfield after the island on the Winnipesaukee River was donated to both towns by the family of Charles E. Titlon. The river serves as the boundary between the two towns, which sit in different counties – Tilton, population 3,555, is in Belknap Country, while Northfield, population 4,859, is located in Merrimack County.

The island is only accessible from a footbridge on the Tilton side of the river. It hosts weddings and concerts during the warmer months, but since it was co-owned by both towns, decisions on funding, upkeep and permits was doubly difficult.

Voters at last year’s town meeting first okayed the transfer, but officials from both towns had to seek approval from the heirs of the Tilton family. With those blessing in place, voters on Saturday made the property transfer official.

“It was given to the two towns and now it’s ours, which is absolutely wonderful,” said Tilton Town Clerk Cindy Reinartz. “It’s a good thing for Tilton.”

Volunteers, predominately from the Tilton side of the river, do their best to maintain the park, including putting a new roof on the gazebo a few years back. streamlining ownership should make maintenance and upkeep simpler.

“We decorate it. We do the upkeep on it,” Reinartz said. “It needs some work.”

Opinions on the Northfield side of the river are similarly favorable since residents will still be able to access the public park and attend the free summer concerts on Sunday nights in July and August. The article to convey ownership of the island park to Tilton was recommended by the Northfield Board of Selectmen and the Budget Committee.


Voters in Tilton on Saturday passed all warrant articles and the $5,650,354 town budget, which was adjusted slightly upward to give Reinartz a raise.

The item that took the most time during the 2½ hour session was the first article of the morning – a proposal to buy a 4½ acre parcel on Sanborn Road from the Roman Catholic Bishop of New Hampshire for $350,000. The land is currently by the town as a football field and ice rink. Voters overwhelmingly passed the article, which will allow the town to build a new police station on the land. Voters also approved spending $267,000 to design a new police station. Funding the construction itself is likely to go before voters in 2020.


All warrant article s passed in Northfield, including the $3,305,449 town budget and spending nearly $1 million on bridge and road work in town.

One peculiar article asked the town to spend $800 to assure residents that no one had stolen their identities for the purposes of illegally voting by absentee ballot. It too passed, but the dollar figure was zeroed out and any associated costs were to be paid by resident and voter Greg Hill.

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