Wildfire season is here: Concord at moderate risk; high risk further south

map of fire danger rating areas 2024

map of fire danger rating areas 2024 NH Fire Protection Bureau—Courtesy


Monitor staff

Published: 04-17-2024 10:22 AM

Despite all the wet weather, spring fire season has arrived.

For the first time this year, parts of the state were rated Wednesday as being in “high” risk of wildfires by the state’s Forest Protection Bureau.

The period after snow melts but before deciduous trees produce all their leaves is often a high-risk time for wildfires because sunlight getting to the ground dries out material, making it more flammable. Early spring is also often windy, which can spread outdoor fires quickly.

The Forest Protection Bureau divides the state into six areas, running roughly from north to south. On Wednesday the northernmost three regions, including area 3 that covers the Concord region, were rated as “moderate” fire risk, while the lower half of the state was rated at high risk. 

Burn permits are required from local fire departments for virtually all outdoor fires unless there is snow on the ground. 



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