Greater Concord real estate transfers from April 24 to 30

Published: 5/8/2019 1:13:41 PM

Real estate transfers from April 24 to 30. 


15 Lane Drive; mobile home; $80,000; Susan E. Demars to Vaughn H. Rogers.

3 Ray Court; land and building; $182,000; James R. and John R. Gagne to Robin L. Buckley.

No address provided; $124,000; Linda R. Mason to Diana L. and Jordan P. Smalley.


171 Beech Hill Road; land and building; $380,000; Thomas and Victoria McCandless to David E. and Jillian L. Smith.


1 Cooke Road Lot; land; $43,000; Anthony Perez to Clear Creek Builders LLC.

2 Dalton Drive; land and building; $168,000; Kathy R. Kelley to Devan Y. Carson.

11 Dunbarton Drive; land and building; $231,000; Dennis C. and Antoinette M. Shea to Alyssa F. and Kyle R. Stefanik.

33 Windsor Way; land and building; $184,000; Craig and Jamie L. Thoroughgood to Molly S. Brown and Melissa Campagnone.

No address provided, Lot 1; $145,000; Jane M. Carpenter and Susan M. Drescher to James F. and Lauri G. Cooney.


3 Durette Drive; land and building; $100,000; Winnipesaukee Commercial to Cupples Corner LLC.

151 Durrell Mountain Road; land and building; $173,400; Mark T. Dutton and Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Deutsche Bank National Trust Co.

15 Gale St.; land and building; $94,000; Wells Fargo Bank National to Dale A. Robinson.

17 Glenridge Road; land and building; $209,000; John B. and Sherry G. Woods to Tyler and Emily Breckinridge.

12 Magnolia Lane; mobile home; $119,933; Arline J. Hulskamper to Richard A. and Georgette M. Theriault.

No address provided; $261,000; Kelly M. and Christopher E. Hayward to Katelyn Wilkins and Johnathan Lefebvre.


184 Exchange Ave.; $345,000; Abigail and Charles D. Shockley to Ashley A. and Craig M. Fournier.

155 River Road Unit 2; industrial condo; $92,466; Donna M. and Ronald W. Frost to John J. Curtin 2013 Ft and John J. Curtin.

155 River Road Unit 3; industrial condo; $92,533; Donna M. and Ronald W. Frost to Marlyn G. Curtin Ft and John J. Curtin.


2005 State Route 114; commercial building; $200,000; Kathleen L. Griffin to Hills Auto Truck&marine.


311 Lake St.; commercial building; $270,000; Foley Oil Co Inc. to Ramzi Al-Shawafi.

25 Red Fox Road Unit 11; condo; $200,000; Stephen Dabrico and Carol Dabrieo to Stephanie P. Parrott.


251 Borough Road; land and building; $510,000; Cathy B. Sutton and William R. Wereley to Craig A. Hugueley.


No address provided; $312,000; Ardell A. Currier to Christopher E. and Kelly M. Hayward.


26 Blueberry Lane; land and building; $240,000; Joseph and Natasha Pratte to Austin J. Hall.

32 Fairfield Drive; mobile home; $80,333; Julie I. Laplante to Dale R. Kilmister.

8 Kozy Trail; mobile home; $126,533; Shirley A. Corbin-Dufresne to Shirley M. Kulik.

395 Mountain Road; land; $82,533; Andrew and Christopher Knight to Dianna L. and Russell M. Jeffers.

North Pembroke Road; $3,700,000; Capitol City Business Center to ZJBV Properties LLC.

414 N. State St.; two-family home; $265,000; David Eneguess and Kelly Mccaskill to James Griffin.

51 Oak Hill Road; land and building; $289,933; Susan M. Erickson to Jose P. and Michelle Peters.

245 Oak Hill Road; land and building; $210,000; Emily M. Gourde and Adam Trask to Jennifer and Michael K. Poulin.

8 Thorndike St.; two-family home; $135,000; FNMA to M. & V. Realty LLC.

174 Village St.; apartment building; $302,933; Andrew and Giuliana Thurber to Hughes Properties LLC.

15 Wyman St. Unit 37; condominium; $122,000; Danielle A. Beckert and Brian C. Harvey to J. Mitchell and Maryann S. Lowe.


36 Haynes Road; land and building; $475,000; Anthony B. and Nina Plott to David R. and Jennifer A. Lee.

South Road; $220,000; Branch B. & T. Co. to Kings Granth LLC.

South Road; $780,000; Branch B. & T. Co. to Kings Granth LLC.

23 South Road; land and building; $360,000; Kimberly P. Stoddard to Philip R. and Helen D. Parker.

151 South Road; land and building; $240,000; Ballard Hill Wildlife and Anthony V. Samsel to Kate O. and David W. Bertoncini.


118 Clement Hill Road; land and building; $134,000; Duane D. Gerbert Ret and Karen L. Bumford to Michael Abbott.

1397 Deering Center Road; land and building; $258,000; Bonnie Wolfe to Miles A. Kirby.


66 Jewett Road; land and building; $400,000; Sarah Dugan to Andrew S. and Sarah K. Martin.


3 Bishop Lane; mobile home; $14,000; Marc N. and Roberta L. Girard to Steven West.


37 Chestnut St.; land and building; $159,758; Patrick D. Kimball and FNMA to Fnma.

192 New Hampton Road; land and building; $200,000; Gary C. Laroche T. and Gary C. Laroche to Crowley Container and Trailer.

59 Park St.; land and building; $159,000; Lori A. and Peter C. McLaughlin to Star A. Chagnon and Joshua J. Fraser.

435 Pleasant St.; land and building; $240,000; David E. Smith to Mark Bitetto.

26 Range Road; mobile home; $16,000; Harlie E. Ball Estate and Tabatha S. Leroux-Welch to Glenn and Katherine H. Laramie.

134 Salisbury Road; land and building; $181,552; Brianna A. Rose and Lakeview Loan Servicing to Lakeview Loan Servicing.


6 Aspen Circle; land; $135,000; Roger W. Bailey to Alfred R. Worthen.

170 Belknap Point Road Unit 5; condo; $470,000; Winni Winni T. and Anthony J. Carita to Arold Ft and Mark G. Arold.

2393 Lake Shore Road Unit 48; condo; $200,000; Adam and Lindsey Batstone to Eric H. and Alaine Portnoy.

2737 Lake Shore Road; land and building; $189,933; Susan M. Emery to Jacob M. Ford.

47 Orchard Drive; land and building; $389,000; Gregory E. and Olivia A. Dheilly to Paul C. and Nancy L. Zellers.

118 Weirs Road Unit 203; condo; $119,000; Steven V. and Susan P. Ferri to Frederick J. and Laura D. Pendleton.

135 Weirs Road Unit 31; condo; $349,000; Karen Elizabeth Sousa Ft and Karen E. Sousa to Richard and P. Donnelly Rt and Richard E. Donnelly.


62 Secord Road; land and building; $565,000; Joseph C. and Diana M. Ricci to Michael Bedford and Kelly L. Patz.


294 Foster Hill Road; land; $67,000; Peter N. Twombly to Arnon Grossman.

47 Pearl St.; two-family home; $255,000; Kerri A. and Michael Pacheco to Brian A. and Lynda G. Madore.


289 2nd N.H. Turnpike; land and building; $165,000; Herbert C. Richter and Patricia Hatfield to Jeffrey A. Logan.

31 Deer Lane; land and building; $215,000; Gaudet Ft and Paul J. Gaudet to Winter Cocuzzo.

No address provided; $274,933; Charles W. and Analia Normandin to David Huson and Ashley Hudson.

No address provided; $282,533; James and Jennifer Chervenka to Raymond Sherburne and Felicia R. Barrington.


50 Evergreen Lane; mobile home; $47,533; Winifred W. Langtry to Necia A. Saltmarsh.

No address provided; $120,000; Dean H. Associates LLC to Sarettes Corner Property.


208 Academy St.; land and building; $184,933; Thomas J. and Andrea L. Hendershott to Dylan M. Johnson and Kathleen O. Lyons.

10 Crescent St.; land and building; $165,533; Timothy M. and Irish Osier to Kelleen A. Gaspa.

247 Lexington Drive; land and building; $307,097; Joyce F. Robinson Lt and Karen M. Proulx to Granite Properties.

113 Merrimac St.; land; $217,000; Drouin Builders Inc. to Michael W. and Kathryn E. Marden.

163 Shore Drive; land and building; $350,000; Tilton Manor LLC to David R. and Stephanie J. Krantz.

1 Simpson Ave.; land and building; $140,000; Constance M. and Raymond B. Bissonnette to Cheryl Fairneny and Shushil Neupane.

Weirs Blvd. Unit 18; condominium; $119,000; Kathleen K. Goldstein to Jason J. Ganong.

255 Wellington Drive; mobile home; $89,000; Leona S. Harrington to Robert O. Anderson and Nancy S. Stewart.


Bear Hill Road; $450,000; Debra E. Erskine and Bruce A. Johnson to April G. and Patrick C. Dumont.

Canterbury Road; $75,000; James A. McNeail and Stacey J. McNeil to Charles H. and Shirley T. Hamlin.

80 Pine Ridge Road; mobile home; $80,000; Amanda Creech to Sarah Santagate.


139 Pinnacle Park Road; land and building; $1,025,000; Ravi Vig Ret and Ravi Vig to Penelope F. W. Peterson Ret and Eric J. Peterson.

29 Waukewan St.; apartment building; $420,000; Boothby Asset Mgmt LLC to Tesla Properties LLC.

No address provided; $50,000; Gene A. Moulton Ret and Gene A. Moulton to Arthur and Linad J. Karageorges.


254 Pinnacle Hill Road; land and building; $270,000; Diron K. and Diahnn M. Thompkins to Lydia S. Huston.

48 Wolfe Den Drive; land and building; $199,933; Pamela J. Hannett to Daniel Rickman and Ginger Jiminez.


50 Cricenti Lane; land and building; $373,533; Agnes M. Barry T. and James M. Barry to Alan H. Birk T. and Alan H. Birk.

Little Sunapee Road; $395,000; John T. and Margarette B. Ford to James G. and Katlyn L. Mackenna.

379 Sugarhouse Road; land and building; $278,933; Mary R. Scott to Kristen Binck and John Cole.

30 Westside Drive; land and building; $625,000; Charles S. Forbes T. and Charles S. Forbes to Brian M. and Kami Hunt.


5 Bay Point Landing Road; land and building; $1,700,000; Dwight R. and Maureen A. Peterson to James M. and Karen S. Morgan.


249 Shaker Road; mobile home; $50,000; Turn Key Home Solutions to Dylan L. Turner.

No address provided; $50,000; Daniel A. Greenhalgh to Cynthia B. and James A. Hicks.


379 Mountain Ave.; $137,000; Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. to Zane Ventures LLC.


11 North Pembroke Road; land and building; $200,000; Even Butter Life Property to Brandon J. Montanez.

379 Pembroke St.; land and building; $249,933; Cheryl A. Kitsis to Aimee F. and Arthur W. Aznive.

17 Sheep Davis Road; land; $185,000; Melert Inc. and Robert Labarge to Pembroke Animal Hospital.

8 Sky View Terrace; land and building; $242,000; Madyson J. Caruso and Spencer J. Murphy to Heather L. and Reed F. Obrien.

No address provided; $68,333; Thuy T. Rumo to Devore Gary Ret and Gary Devore.


15 Bridge St.; apartment building; $179,933; Robert Daniels to Kathy Kelley.

34 Bridge St.; apartment building; $195,000; Brigitte Tibbetts to Matthew and Sandra Davidson.

6 Smith St.; land and building; $81,200; Robert J. Roth and FNMA to Just Another LLC.

Tilton Hill Road; $110,000; Richard Daniels to AKB Construction LLC.

700 Tilton Hill Road; mobile home; $92,000; Gail D. Nickerson to Rebecca L. Day and Gareth S. Perkins.


No address provided; $66,266; Stephen J. Curran to Benmont Ventures LLC.


61 Shaw Hill Road; land and building; $195,733; Roy B. and Darlene R. Mcgrath to John W. and Robin H. Morris.


152 Ridge Road; land and building; $285,000; Gail S. and John Grainger to Victor J. Frazier and Robynn Glocking.


57 Colby Road; apartment building; $275,000; Irons Rt and David A. Irons to Frederick L. Sena.

Pleasant St.; $45,866; Joseph P. Geraci to Maskaw LLC.


86 Sargent Station Road Lot 13; mobile home; $13,000; Jody J. Caldwell to Steven Gendron.

161 Thorndike Road; land and building; $215,000; Michael R. Stevens and Dlj Mortgage Capital Inc to DLJ Mortgage Capital Inc.

No address provided; $222,000; Jacqueline G. Haslett to Gesine V. Bullock-prado and Raymond G. Prado.


Battle St.; $235,000; Ruby Associates Inc. to Benjamin P. and Stephanie L. Faxon.

1369 Battle St.; land and building; $170,000; Christine L. Holmes and MTGLQ Investors LP to MTGLQ​​​​​​​ Investors LP.

29 Mount Vernon Terrace Road; land and building; $217,933; Renee Bennett and Christopher Carter to Brian M. and Samantha J. Paine.


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