Capital area real estate transfer for May 1 to 7

Published: 5/15/2019 5:10:21 PM

40 Riverside Drive; land; $20,000; Jeannette and Richard Riley to Harp LLC.

5 Sargent St.; land and building; $220,000; Benjamin and Courtney M. Langlois to Ashlee Barrus and Brandon Lambrinos.

73 Turnpike St.; land and building; $193,000; Jasmyn and Jonathan F. Richardson to Fatima B. Yahia and Abderrahmane B. Yahia.

No address provided; $1,320,000; Suncook Business Park Inc. to MRF Real Estate Holdings LLC.


88 Morrill Hill Road; land and building; $233,000; Jennifer and John Braley to Timothy J. Braley and Morgan N. Wilson.


639 Beauty Hill Road; land; $269,000; Sara and Ryan F. Abell to Anthony and Janette Fiorillo.

No address provided Lot 146; $12,000; Brian K. and Michelene Judd to Robert M. and Diana S. Stanley.


73 Daniel Webster Highway; industrial building; $650,000; Northland Group LLC to Belmont Daniel Webster Highway LLC.

Farrarville Road; $90,000; BMFGN Development LLC and Family Advantage Holdings to Family Advantage Holdings.

202 Hurricane Road; land and building; $210,000; Matthew Hashem to Patrick M. Lee and Holly J. Stonge.

17 Orchard Hill Road Unit 6; condominium; $27,533; NHFA to Karen Kimball.

20 Railroad Ave.; two-family home; $210,000; Sean and Leanne O’Brien to Anthony and Caylene Coculo.

Tioga Road; $75,600; Tioga River Water Co. Inc to Abenaki Water Co. Inc.


3 Forest Lane; land and building; $220,000; Felicia R. and Stacia R. Barrington to Kearsten A. Gardner and David M. O’Brien.

66 N. Main St.; commercial building; $180,000; Bryan Smith and J. and D. Northeast Customs to J. and D. Northeast Customs.


19 Marions Way Unit 19; condominium; $412,533; Marian O. Akey to Betty L. Cate Ret and Robert I. Cate.

3 Pine Crest Drive; land and building; $362,000; Hilary C. Frost and Jeffrey A. Warner to Jay S. and Lisa C. Franklin.

12 Risingwood Drive; land and building; $360,000; Paula F. and S. Scott Lucas to Brent D. Wesler.


168 Rowe Mountain Road; mobile home; $257,000; James H. Pickman to Michael J. Carver.


Route 3a Unit 1; condominium; $87,333; E. Scott Weiler and Anne M. Talmadge to Robin Hennessey.

273 W. Shore Road Unit 2; condominium; $170,000; Daniel Wotton to Bernard J. and Sharon L. Chartier.

No address provided Lot 17; $35,000; Ronald C. and Marjorie A. Helger to Dennis R. and Bobbi J. Desrochers.


39 Cambridge Drive; land and building; $349,000; Christopher and Stefanie Bond to Richard B. and Robbyn M. Kelly.

241 Intervale Road; land and building; $355,000; Jeffrey S. Dodge Ret and Lauralyn E. Saunders to Elizabeth M. and James Cryan.


66 Bear Hill Road; multi-unit home; $25,000; Sean McKay to Jason T. and Melinda M. Weir.


17 Auburn St.; land and building; $650,000; Marcia McCormack to Andrew R. and Anne E. Jenness.

17 Bentwood St.; land and building; $259,933; Mark Desantis to Laura and Shawn Main.

34 Callaway Drive Unit 2; condominium; $232,800; Abbott Farm LLC to Kevin Cassidy.

16-18 Cross St.; two-family home; $178,000; Nathan MacEachran to Jamie Philbrook.

265 E. Side Drive; land and building; $229,000; Oberman T. and Richard F. Oberman to Glen D. and Jennifer Chislett.

30 E. Sugar Ball Road; land and building; $329,733; Catherine McDonald to Mark L. Desantis and Stephanie Pelley.

8 Emerson Road; land and building; $517,133; Carolyn J. and Daniel J. Lynch to Clara A. and Robert J. Dietel.

120 Fisherville Road Unit 85; condominium; $130,000; Adriana and Jonathan Fudala to Gregory D. Brough and Cole D. Wilmot.

21 Harvard St.; land and building; $205,000; Lela C. Holloran to Donna M. Dias and Jillisa Solomon.

68 Hoit Road; land and building; $485,000; Strategic Contracting Co. to Blossom Dodge and Adam Kuczkowski.

5 King St.; land and building; $400,000; Marie A. and Patrick A. Lang to Lyndsy N. and Scott J. Adams.

179 Loudon Road Unit 14; condominium; $50,000; Helen Weisman to BCB Real Estate Holdings.

2 Mckinley St.; land and building; $185,000; King 2013 Ft and Jennifer K. Kreis to Crystal L. Morton.

33 Mulberry St. Unit 4; condominium; $194,933; Dolores J. and Perry C. Lemay to Carol E. and Timothy S. Hoyt.

518 N. State St.; land and building; $240,000; Richard B. and Robbyn M. Kelly to Hannah E. Greulich and James K. Scott.

212 Pembroke Road; Warehouse; $800,000; Rising Tide LLC to ZJBV Properties LLC.

169 Portsmouth St. Unit 27; condominium; $142,000; Richard Knight to Dale and Robyn Grant.

39 Profile Ave.; land and building; $259,933; P. To P. LLC to David J. and Heather Arsenault.

53 Profile Ave.; land and building; $317,000; Gregory Heine and Mary E. Toomey to Edisona and Thoma Luzi.

74 Rumford St.; muti-unit apartment building; $344,933; 74 Rumford St., LLC to Jaye Rancourt and Lawrence Tokar.

53 Shawmut St. Unit 53; condominium; $232,000; Blair B. Ambrose to Christine M. Renner.

8 Vinton Drive Unit 8; condominium; $150,000; Laura and Shawn Main to Abbie Pridham.

7 Whittaker Circle Unit 7; condominium; $205,000; Bobby Strong to Mary J. Kelly-Lapointe and Joseph Lapoint.


271 Reservoir Road; land and building; $225,000; Marie E. Gath to Brian and Pamela J. Gaffney.


No address provided; $55,000; Daniel T. and John J. Heaney to Gary A. Heaney.


29 Lena Lane; land and building; $289,000; Sean D. Prindle Estate and Angie Prindle to Aimee E. and John D. Tucker.

42 Windsor Road; $374,933; 500 North Road Realty LLC to John and Robecca E. Kenyon.


72 Pine St.; other; $173,000; James Lintner to Kelly and Theodore Russell.


7 Allen Road; land and building; $190,000; David R. Decker and FNMA to FNMA.

170 Belknap Point Road Unit 2; condominium; $485,000; 170 Belknap Point Road 2 Rt and Rocco J. Migliozzi to Bradford B. and Cheryl A. Lowell.

5 Cumberland Road; multi-unit apartment building; $30,000; Aps Solo 401k T. and David Whalley to John and Johanne Paula.

6 Cumberland Road Unit 36; condominium; $149,000; Eric W. and Tara L. Strong to Janet L. Keefe.

36 Farmer Drive; land and building; $232,533; John F. Beyrent to Gayle M. Sullivan.

126 Scenic Drive; land and building; $442,000; Eric and Lois Hanscom to Wright Apartments LLC.

72 Watson Road; land and building; $270,000; Lawrence Ft and George W. Lawrence to WGL Jr. 2014 T. and William G. Littlefield.

27 Weathering Heights; land and building; $272,000; KP T. and George F. Hurt to Carol F. Thomas and Michael S. Pace.

No address provided; $150,000; Mark A. Thompson to Michael W. Dion.


15 Musket Traol; land and building; $170,000; Edward F. Klish to Michelle A. Myrdek.

499 N.H. Route 140; land and building; $112,000; Wilmington Savings Fund Trust to Nancy L. and Joseph Amour.

No address provided; $140,000; USA HUD to Neal and Marcy K. Stanley.

No address provided; $80,000; Mark E. and Audra L. Warren to Ari P. Osman.


150 Maple St.; land and building; $305,000; Susan E. and Theodore P. Chumas to Lori J. and Thomas C. Hanchett.

43 Old W. Hopkinton Road; land and building; $152,000; Angela D. Robinson and Reverse Mortgage Funding to Reverse Mortgage Funding.

62 Water St.; land and building; $182,000; Jillian R. Schenck to WG Properties LLC.


Bear Hill Road Lot; land; $57,000; Keith E. and Janice R. Wing to David J. and Consuelo B. Carver.

589 Center Road; land and building; $377,533; andris Family Partnership to Stathis Andris.

75 Emerald Drive; land and building; $183,000; Michael C. and Kathleen A. Peterson to Justin A. Elmes and Albert F. Sheehan.

14 Gibson Road; land and building; $249,933; Deborah Jones to Leah M. and James D. Hargreaves.

Hummingbird Lane; $185,000; Richard V. and K. E. Booth Ret to Donald and Fernand Gelinas.


Kearsarge Avenue; land; $78,000; Heidi and James A. Marshall to Pauline G. and Thomas W. Armstrong.

South Road; land; $85,000; Frank H. Holmes Ret and Steven C. Holmes to Nicholas B. Goulas.

362 Thain Road; land and building; $346,000; Catherine E. and Timothy R. Brock to Benjamin E. and Juel A. Petrin.

74 Tucker Drive; mobile home; $136,000; Vivian West to Karen M. Mayo.


130 Endicott St., N. Unit 204; condominium; $107,000; Jo Ann Binette 1998 to Mark P. Roche.

41 Evergreens Drive Unit 4; condominium; $130,000; Wellington Bueno to L. Wayne Scott.

190 Highland St.; land and building; $163,000; Lorraine M. Groleau to Crystal S. Bolduc-Starnaud.

131 Jefferson St.; land and building; $169,933; Marguerite M. Cadrette Irt and Gregory A. Cadrette to Gloria J. Graham.

66 Landing Lane Unit 110; condominium; $170,000; Nancy D. Waugh to Kathryn A. Twombly.

79 Memory Lane; land and building; $265,533; Joseph J. Ferraro to Mari T. Kassabgi.

45 Port Way; land and building; $325,000; Arthur J. Franson to John R. and Saundra L. Norden.

84 Recreation Drive Unit A11; condo storage; $18,000; Jonathan B. Waugh to Edward M. and Stacey H. Macek.

616 Scenic Road Unit 205; condominium; $550,000; AKWA Village LLC to Stephen T. and Barbara R. Pelkey.

618 Scenic Road Unit 1; condominium; $637,533; AKWA Vista LLC to Brent and April Kiley Ret and Brent Kiley.

9 Treetop Circle Unit 23; condominium; $97,707; Village at Winnipesauke 23 Rt and Janice R. Blackwell to Village at Winnipesauke 23 Rt and Janice R. Blackwell.

No address provided; $670,000; Mark Roche and Dale Bentley to Laura G. and Richard P. Norton.

No address provided; $124,000; Eugene E. and Marguerite C. Gilet to Matthew and Johanna Buoncontri.

No address provided Lot 14; $342,000; Records Paradiz Ft and Christopher Records to Christopher R. and Deanna L. Lafave.


23 Shaker Road; $400,000; Shaker Brook LLC to 23 Shaker Brook LLC.


329 Daniel Webster Highway; car wash; $515,000; Tommys Cove Holdings LLC to 329 ASM LLC.

10 Douglas Drive; land and building; $370,000; Gail E. and Edgar W. Bellefontaine to Dana and Nancy Niles.

24 Little Road; land and building; $2,600,000; Joanne Walgreen to Emily A. and Charles A. Miller.

15 Maplewood Circle; land and building; $347,533; Adam Kuczowski and Blossom J. Dodge to Brian L. Campbell and Jaclyn E. Moore.

24 Village Drive Unit 24; condominium; $197,933; John F. and Susan B. Sullivan to Lisa Beauregard.

53 Village Drive Unit 53; condominium; $199,000; Mark Tuckerman to Sophia C. Hughes.

No address provided Lot 7; $667,533; Christine A. Paul to Chris and Roselle Caputo.


626 Old Bristol Road; land and building; $25,000; Douglas W. Simpson to John M. Antonis and Martha F. Kuplin.


Bunker Road Lot; land; $85,000; Edward P. and Kathleen E. Gawle to Elizabeth A. and Ryan L. Jerke.

Lighthouse View Road Lot; land; $1,975,000; Criminal Holdings of N.H. LLC to Boulder Point LLC.

276 Newport Road Unit 220; office condo; $70,000; Barselle Properties LLC to Sawmill Associates LLC.

No address provided Lot 15; $683,800; Bettie H. Howard to Andrew J. and Tracey J. Dawson.


270 Cheney Road; land and building; $278,000; Michael J. and Susan E. Carver to Kevin M. Wagner.

1161 Route 103; land and building; $3,200,000; Cosmo P. Santullo to Azra A. and Fiyaz A. Kanji.


36 Caveney Drive; land and building; $269,933; Amy and Gary W. Burke to Gabrielle and Lessley Barton.

Industrial Drive; $390,000; Brian G. Young to Tilton Manor LLC.

43 Sargent St.; land and building; $165,000; Marrycorp LLC to Evan P. Byers and Devan E. Dow.

9 Vining Way; mobile home; $40,000; Kisun McLean to Brandon S. and Samantha P. Bartlett.

No address provided Lot 13; $265,000; Rosanne K. Buck to Stephanie L. Champagne and Shawn P. Laflamme.


1512 First N.H. Turnpike; mobile home; $165,000; Kim Gendron to Jospeh E. and Alyssa Carroll.

41 Bell Cove Road; land and building; $490,000; Lucian Borduz to Erin Farleigh.

159 Lake Shore Drive; land and building; $255,000; Shane and Tracy Moore to Charles E. and M. Simmons Ret and Charles E. Simmons.

8 Old Turnpike Road; land and building; $258,933; David Pelletier Construction Co. to Jessica L. and Craig Hossfeld.

No address provided Lot 506; $119,000; Jeremy Corson to Eric A. Poole and Francisca A. Sawyer.

No address provided Lot 2; $110,000; Wildwood Rt and Douglas P. Dimes to Joanne D. Riley.

No address provided Lot 35; $45,000; Schlesinger Northwood Rt and Diane M. Indorato to James A. Schlesinger.


542 Cross Country Road; land and building; $320,000; Cindy L. and Kevin W. Hamilton to Kristie E. and Logan R. Metzler.

5 Kimball St.; land and building; $121,600; Debra H. Carter and Atlantica LLC to Atlantica LLC.

506 N. Pembroke Road; land and building; $279,933; MDR Rehab and Development LLC to Chad S. Novak.

383 Perley Ave.; land and building; $227,000; Greta and Jeffrey Campbell to John L. Damico and Dianna M. Gannon.

31 Pleasant St.; land and building; $115,000; Aka Property Buyers LLC to MDR Rehab and Development LLC.

663-667 Thompson Road; $389,533; Sandra Abbott to AHR Residential Reality.


371 Dowboro Road; land and building; $123,333; Daniel B. Rouille and United National Bank to Just Another LLC.

55 Fairview Drive; land and building; $30,000; Elizabeth K. and Stephen Adams to Jonathan Devens.

Route 107; $120,000; Emma R. and Robert J. Elliott to Jayne Cayes and John Murphy.


25 Crescent St.; land and building; $191,000; Norinne E. McGrath Estate and Marjorie A. Spead to Mark Tuckerman.

Daniel Webster Highway (es) Lot; land; $35,000; Michael E. Lathlippe to Richard Gauthier.

548 Daniel Webster Highway; land and building; $125,000; RTG Enterprises LLC to Micah Mickelboro.

12 Maple St.; land and building; $75,000; David E. Henderson to Meghan R. Henderson.

33 River Ridge Road; land and building; $259,933; Jason R. and Amy K. Moran to Julie and Taylor Alarid.


No address provided Lot 10-1; $67,500; Rachael V. Collar Estate and Bree Collar to Gwendolyn A. Hall.


2 Birch Point Road; land and building; $175,000; Shirley Roderick-Madeiros to Gregory L. and Karen L. Paquette.

280 Eastman Hill Road; land and building; $245,000; Dennis M. and Gayle A. Reynolds to Elwin R. Sidney.

23 Steele Hill Road; land and building; $279,933; Griffin and Grenier Ret and Carol M. Griffin to Antul Barrett Ft and Bruce A. Barrett.

233 Steele Hill Road; land and building; $392,000; Ann M. Goff to William B. Griffith and Elizabeth K. Lia-Griffith.


42 Eaton Grange Road, E.; land and building; $87,500; U.S. National Bank Trust to Debra R. and Wade W. Walker.


476 Laconia Road; land and building; $211,000; Arlene M. Buswell to Peter A. Desroches.

Route 3 Unit 21; condominium; $77,533; Midland T. Co to Cote Ft and Tammy Cote.

No address provided; $80,000; Haven Grove LLC to Michael S. and Eileen Quinn.


186 Concord Stage Road; multi-unit home; $185,000; Robert C. and Jeanne M. Currier to Daniel A. and Beverly G. Barry.

655 Deering Center Road; land and building; $247,000; Lucas Ilges to Ronald Gilman and Rachel Hicks.


1369 Battle St.; land and building; $220,000; MTGLQ Investors Lp to Catherine J. and Peter A. Braley.


Old Fourth N.H. Turnpike; $196,000; Anna and Vincent M. Dude to Christopher J. Beggs and Meghan E. Von Hassel.

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