Capital area real estate transfer Jan. 15 to 21

Published: 1/31/2020 1:30:51 PM

70 Crescent Drive; land and building; $269,000; Edwina and Gregory C. Gitto to Carrie and Jeffrey Wallat.


31 Lamprey Road; mobile home; $20,000; Lavature Marian M. Est and Kimberly A. Ferranti to Paul and Barbara Riccio.

Old Prescott Hill Road; $83,600; William C. and Kathleen A. Gorse to Comcast of Maine-NH Inc.

Plummer Hill Road; $32,000; S. K. Mcdonald Co LLC to 6-10 Plummer Hill Rd LLC.

120 Sunset Drive; land and building; $265,000; Joan R. Menchin to Jeffrey J. Henn.

119 Wild Acres Road; land and building; $299,933; KTM Exterirors & Recycling to Bryan F. Galvin.


41 Forest Lane; land and building; $189,759; Robert Forsythe and Home Point Financial Corp to Home Point Financial Corp.

4 Keneval Ave.; land and building; $289,933; Andrew and Lauren Masson to Brian K. Lindsay.


39 Bow Center Road; land and building; $265,000; Adam F. French to Margaret M. Byrnes.

106 South Bow Road; land and building; $302,533; Brenda J. Naone to Nancy C. Mayo.


20 Bluffs Drive Unit 20; condo; $129,437; Gary P. Moyers and Pennymac Loan Services to Pennymac Loan Services.

11-1/2 Eastman St.; department store; $20,000; T. & D. Health Real Estate LLC to Ducharme Family Props LLC.

120 Fisherville Road Unit 4; condo; $101,250; Matthew B. Ograbisz and NHFA to NHFA.

55 Jackson St.; apartment building; $405,000; John T. Radley to John Nerbonne.

36 Modena Drive Unit 36; condo; $150,000; Clement Hayes to Douglas J. and Lucy L. Kilgore.

Pleasant St.; $1,712,400; 279 Pleasant Street LLC to Capital Region Health Care.

30 Portsmouth St.; land and building; $350,000; Ruthann and Stephen H. Stanley to Angela T. and Douglas M. Finney.

343 South Main St.; land and building; $280,000; Evelina I. Coen  Estate and Misty N. Griffin to Walter J. Szulc.

7-1/2 Short St.; multi-family home; $340,000; 7 Short LLC to Harold Leigh Properties.

24-26 Summer St.; apartment building; $312,000; 24-26 Summer Street LLC to 30-32 Summer St LLC.

No address provided; $19,533; Julie and Scott Spiewak to Shawna Bedard and Scott Spiewak.


1153 Montalona Road; land and building; $165,533; M. S. Carlisle-Stadelmann T. and M. Carlisle-Stadelmann to M. S. Carlisle-Stadelmann.


7 Brimstone Hill Road; land and building; $165,000; Katherine R. Griffin and Joyce A. Letendre to Wendell Ellsworth.

New Hampshire Route 4; $230,000; Richard F. Morello to Cash Max Properties LLC.

North Road; $305,533; Eileen M. Bartlett to Gregory Hall.

238 Old Turnpike Road; land; $358,933; C. & D. Rt and Daniel A. Welden to William J. Ducasse.


9 Anderson Ave.; land and building; $109,933; Joan E. Blais to Christopher L. Barry.

44 Central St.; land and building; $160,000; Pamela G. Downes to Pauline A. Curtis.

288 New Hampton Road; land and building; $85,362; Suzanne J. Boutin and Lakeview Loan Servicing to Lakeview Loan Servicing.

4 Robert St.; land and building; $152,000; Schroder 1 Ft and Erik Schroder to 5 Dearborn LLC.

No address provided; $10,000; Annette Abbondanza to Meri-Lynn Banton.


193 Intervale Road; land and building; $180,000; Mildred F. Rivard to Elaine F. Shea.

Route 11 Lot 16; $80,000; Richard A. and Stephen D. Treem to William M. Treem.

No address provided; Longtail Mountain View to Brantley B. Ludington T. and Brantly B. Ludington.


Church St. Lot; land; $40,000; Richard G. Maher 2005 Ret and Richard G. Maher to Denis J. Pelletier and Annette C. Levis.

911 New Hampshire Route 140; land and building; $245,933; Christopher Marchuk and Katie Boles-Marchuk to Mark E. Hinkley and Brian M. Lmarsh.


242 Butter Road; land and building; $335,000; Gordon and Lindsay Landrigan to Maryjo Archambault and R. Richard Ritacco.

Snowshoe Road Lot 583l; $80,000; Laurendeau Enterprises to Christopher D. and Jennifer A. Moore.

469 Tanglewood Drive; land and building; $216,133; Michael F. Powers to Danielle A. and Luke G. Merrill.


Pine Glen Road; $12,500; Town of Hillsborough to Timothy M. McComish.

20 Spring St.; land and building; $55,000; Luisa Temple Lt and Bonnie L. Shepard to Ewdl Home Improvements.

No address provided; $20,000; Town of Hillsborough to Econo Homes LLC.


Smithfield Condo Unit 3b; condo; $332,400; Pamela N. and William O. Mueller to Joyce H. and Richard A. Bennett.


Cottonwood Ave.; $198,000; S. & K. Rehab B. LLC to Douglas and Margot Heyer Ft and Douglas C. Heyer.

11 Girard St.; land and building; $202,000; Arthur H. Roach  2nd Estate and Arthur H. Roach to Patrick McIntire.

144 Lake St. Unit 15; condo; $225,000; Lakehouse Cottages LLC to 15 Lake Street LLC.

11 Paul Ave.; land and building; $202,000; Keneth W. & J. B. Russell Ret and Heather Russell-Gagnon to Matthew V. Dassatti and Katelyn E. Doherty.

58 Phoenician Way; land and building; $303,533; Joseph J. Baldecki to David and Nicole R. Rico.

57 Union Ave. Unit 206; condo; $74,000; Denise T. Tennyson to Joseph T. and Kimberly Horman.

31 Van Buren Road; land and building; $249,000; Linda N. Fairbanks to Christoher K. Bickford.

75 Warren St.; land and building; $245,000; John C. Kean to Jonathan and Jennifer Polakowski.

98 Washington St.; land and building; $251,489; Christopher Leighton and Bay View Homes & Land LLC to Bay View Homes & Land LLC.


Lindsey Lane; $68,200; Lyman Brewer Properties to Mariah C. Marceau.

Lindsey Lane; $70,733; Lyman Brewer Properties to Marceau Real Estate Invests.


No address provided; $224,933; Cynthia R. and Paul J. Hilliard to Sherir and Paul Mone.


Knowles Pond Road Lot 55-1-4; $40,000; Stone Bluff Property Holdings to S. & B. Properties LLC.

457 Oak Hill Road; land and building; $185,000; Marilyn Minichiello to Bryn P. and Jesse A. Colby.


31 Knowles Way; land and building; $310,000; Ryan P. and Amy D. Hanavan to Patrick and Samantha Merrill.

21 Pine St.; land and building; $208,800; Georges Realty LLC to Mackenzie Allis.


529 Buck St.; land and building; $180,000; Lois Croteau and Stanley F. Grimes to Carolyn M. Werner.

306 Dearborn Road; land and building; $219,000; Runnymede Investments LLC to Stephen A. Robinton and Kristina D. Wasowski.

20 Union St.; multi-family home; $265,000; Maple Leaf Properties LLC to John T. Pollard.


20 Chestnut St.; apartment building; $199,800; James M. and Jeremy A. Murray to M. P. Stremlau-anderson.

40 Chestnut St.; apartment building; $37,000; Irealty Investments LLC to 40 Chestnut Street Rt and Craig Collins.

26 Manchester St.; land and building; $126,604; Larry R. Smith and JP Morgan Chase Bank National to JP Morgan Chase Bank National.

232 Webster Mills Road; land and building; $282,000; Laura Murphy to Theroux Litchfield Rt and Rene A. Theroux.


8 Blueberry Hill Road Unit 1; condo; $190,000; Marie Ziegler to Donald A. and Linda R. Peter.

8 Blueberry Hill Road Unit 4; condo; $189,000; Sandra R. Gamble to Mark W. Prout.


Bay Road; $60,000; Sara S. Schestenger and Nancy S. Tong to Celena M. and Joshua C. Nixon.

107 West Salisbury Road; land and building; $239,000; Linda A. Nagy to Lucas R. Benoit and Janis M. Caswell.

No address provided; $135,000; Laforest Ft and Gary A. Laforest to Elana and Neil Santerre.


865 New Hampton Road; land and building; $232,533; Samantha R. and Ryan K. Blackard to Kaleigh L. and Jacob D. Fuller.


1011 Laconia Road Unit 4; condo; $240,000; Jeffrey and Corry Carmichael to Michael J. Foley and Tanya Waithe.


West Main St.; $285,000; Mark J. Govoni to Kristina M. and William Daniels.


367 Dustin Tavern Road; land and building; $357,000; Susan T. and Eric W. Frost to K. M. Shapter-Harkness.

176 Lull Road; land and building; $250,000; Jared Juelke to Clair A. Todd.


506 White Plains Road; land and building; $232,000; Rebecca E. Currie to Ethan D. Oneil.


396 North Wilmot Road; land and building; $350,000; Matthew W. and Susan Morse to Adrienne L. and Christopher D. Gerhart.


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