Capital area real estate listings June 3-June 16

Published: 7/9/2020 9:31:17 AM

Home sales entered June 3-June 16


No address; $47,533; Rodney Musto to Betsy A. and Herbert E. Dixon.


Chase Hill Road; $159,933; Shawn Carlson to Dan R. Fulp.


19 Hemlock Road; land and building; $227,000; Bradon Cyr to Herman M. McElveen and Marchelle Francois.

238 Pitman Road; land and building; $260,000; Christopher and Ashley Binkley to Matthew E. Graveline.

484 White Oak Road; land and building; $220,000; Kevin D. and Marjorie A. Durkee to David W. Costa and Juleen T. Stacy.

37 Winchester Drive; land and building; $216,533; Cameron A. and Gina Mantel to Gabrielle Mantel.

No address Lot 212; $420,000; John A. Faretta and Doris J. Faretra to James and Jane Archambeault.


71 Depot St.; land and building; $100,000; Ryea Edward M. Est and Sandra M. Byers-Ryea to Hayes Ft and Patrick M. Hayes.


223 Corn Hill Road; land and building; $300,000; Katherine and Scott C. Moulton to Amanda Cone and Ryan Driscoll.

High St.; $200,000; Raymond F. Steenbeke T. and Raymond F. Steenbeke to I. Realty Investments LLC.

5 Jarado Way; commercial building; $425,000; Irealty Investments LLC to Chase Realty Partners LLC.


6 Abbey Road; land and building; $375,000; Donald N. and Karen Thompson to Jeffrey R. and Kami L. Gagne.

34 Albin Road; land and building; $275,000; Erin B. and Ethan Ball to Keith A. Sinders.

505 Hall St.; land and building; $227,400; Mdr Rehab and Dev LLC to Jordan Legacy and Derek Preble.


Forest St.; $145,000; Edward W. Macleod and Cathleen Swarce to Kim A. Lowe.

No address Lot 104-2; $34,800; Barry E. Wheeler to Charles F. Poland.


Hall Road; $34,933; Michelle D. Smith to Nancy L. Maxwell.

149 Lake St.; 2-5 Fam Res; $109,533; Christopher and A. Warwick Ft and Christopher A. Warwick to Spencer R. Lacasse.

100 Prospect St.; land and building; $205,000; Elin A. and David A. Myers to Roy and Stephanie Stevens.

No address; $210,000; Brigham R. M. 3rd Est and Dorcas J. Gordon to Kevin W. and Karen E. Lindberg.


169 Main St.; 2-5 Fam Res; $455,000; 169 Main Street LLC to Ann M. Kelly and John S. Mandrioli.

66 Pleasant St.; land and building; $285,000; Joseph R. and Mary T. Donovan to Galen D. Riordan and Nicole M. Senecal.


17 Callaway Drive Unit 2; condominium; $243,000; Abbott Farms LLC to Erin Fitzgerald.

7-9 Chapel St.; 2-Fam Res; $310,000; Noosa Property Investment to Hang T. Le.

12 East Side Drive Unit 108; condominium; $61,000; Chris and Christopher Uzdanovich to BCB Real Estate Hldg LLC.

Eldridge St.; $40,000; Louiseann B. Desjardins and Frank A. Nameche to Young William Properties.

16 Great Falls Drive Unit 16; condominium; $152,000; Ashley Smith to Derek A. Whistler and Judy J. Young.

20 Heights Road; land and building; $230,000; Arthur P. and Margaret Knoll to Lindsay and Toby Fontaine.

6-C Hills Ave. Unit B; condominium; $116,000; Carol C. and James W. Corrigan to Martell Properties LLC.

139 Horse Hill Road; land and building; $285,000; Wayne G. Sargent to Melissa Canfield.

17 Lewis Lane; land and building; $240,000; Milligan Lyall Jr Est and Ashley Hurst to Janet L. Aldrich.

159 Liberty St.; land and building; $229,000; Michael E. and Susan Buxton to Dolores and Perry C. Lemay.

6 Mckinley St. Unit 3; condominium; $151,000; Megan J. Audet to Landry Ft and Catherine C. Landry.

48 Mulberry St. Unit 3; condominium; $217,000; Swati S. Bhave and Swapnil G. Bondre to Shannon Fica.

76 North State St.; land and building; $233,000; Sean McKeon and Meredith Young to Nathaniel Greene.

169 Portsmouth St. Unit 172; condominium; $175,000; Bergeron Lorraine B. Est and Sheryl A. Coombs to Deborah Sheridan.

35 Richmond Drive Unit 35; condominium; $324,933; Oxbow Rt and Michael D. Tancreti to Scott and Virginia Johnson.

33 Stickney Ave.; Gen Office; $175,000; Contractors Risk Mgmt to JCB LLC.

3 Tow Path Lane; land and building; $67,266; Erin Fitzgerald to Julie M. Munson.

17-1/2 Warren St.; $200,000; Cornerstone Realty Hldg to Brett A. Tucker.

17 Wiggin St.; land and building; $290,000; Ian and Tynan Flanagan to Megan J. Audet and Trevor M. Fairbank.

No address; $20,000; Nameche George J. Est and Danielle J. Armstrong to Young William Properties.


Ragged Mountain Road; $49,000; James D. Phelps to Jeanne L. Gardner.


Mountain Road; $355,000; Ashleypstg LLC to Matthew and Jessica Daly.

Route 43; $77,800; Lewis W. and Richard L. Kuniegel to SD&C Builders LLC.


Route 149; $20,000; R. Burton and Audrey B. Johnson to Kevin R. and Patricia A. Johnson.


218 Chestnut Pond Road; land and building; $245,000; Michael D. and Susan M. Hague to Jared Habershaw.


361 Central St. Unit 5; condominium; $115,000; Perma City Life to Kathleen A. Olson.

Lofts Shepard Block Condo Unit 6; condominium; $125,000; Perma City Life to B. E. Mank 2 Lucky Sons Ret and Brian E. Mank.

5 Morning Glory Drive; mobile home; $160,000; Richard B. Thornton T. and Richard B. Thornton to Richard R. and Theresa C. Migneault.

100 Valley St.; land and building; $150,000; Just Another LLC to Joshua B. Menard.


27 Buckboard Drive; land and building; $230,000; Anna Kondratenok to Cranberry Lane Rt and Brian C. Lafferty.

274 Edgewater Drive; land and building; $1,873,000; Michael R. and Robbin L. Currier to David N. and Angela C. Gill.

312 Intervale Road; land and building; $140,000; Peter M. Champagne and Jeannette G. St Germain to Greg Champagne.

2696 Lake Shore Road Unit 89; condominium; $346,933; Aaron G. and Kathleen G. Dube to Jeffrey Huggins and Rebecca Hatchadorian.

73 Weirs Road Unit E8; Dock Condo; $75,000; Mark and Sharon Akerstrom to Marc R. and Bonnie S. Theriault.

135 Weirs Road Unit 3; condominium; $464,000; Steven V. and Susan P. Ferri to James M. and Susan M. Lydon.


45 Justamere Lane; land and building; $200,000; Robert J. Green to Kendra L. Belair.

19 Robinswood Way Unit 19; condominium; $135,000; Kimberly Bernash to Kathleen A. Nolin.


Liberty Hill Road; $181,000; Nancy R. Hall to Christenson Holdings LLC.


80 Gould Pond Road; land and building; $79,933; 48 North Road LLC to Anitra Sorensen Ret and Anitra Sorensen.

1 Minott Road; land; $52,533; Beard Brook Village LLC to Robet Caney and Colette Cusson.

12 Sunrise Place; land and building; $158,533; Aka Property Buyers LLC to Mariah Dutil.

Water St.; $208,533; Gary Harvey to Tyson D. Turgeon.

No address Lot 24; $215,000; Richard N. Gioiosa to Joei Devivre LLC.


364 Dolly Road; land and building; $400,000; Donald B. and Joanne M. Houston to Kimberly H. Martel.

163 Little Frost Road; land and building; $346,000; Melissa Feeley and Victoria Proulx to William A. and William G. Platt.

913 Pine St.; land and building; $390,000; Jill Crane and Bruce W. Gamsby to Lauren E. and Ryan M. Magnin.

202 South Shore Drive; land and building; $385,000; Carol A. and Michael Iacopino to Kevin S. Kelly.

64 School St.; land and building; $280,000; Osborne Ft and Mary A. Jackson to Audrey A. Castillo and Andrew Poliquin.

138 Wildwood Drive; $455,000; Sarettes Corner Property to Megan Leavitt.

No address; $75,000; Lucas H. and Michael J. Martin to James C. and Nancy O. Quimby.


Channel Lane; $115,000; Winvest 2 Rt and Linda D. Kelleher to Paul Busby.

Channel Lane; $81,066; Winnvest 4 Rt and Linda D. Kelleher to Steven W. Gay.

213 Country Club Road; land and building; $266,000; Granite Properties Of New to Erin Stevens.

5 Golf Vw Unit B; condominium; $285,000; Eckc LLC to Elizabeth D. and Bruce E. Hodsdon.

25 Janna Way; land and building; $385,000; Robinson Ft and Patricia J. Robinson to Thomas G. Duncan.

Mechanic St.; $100,000; Joseph J. Trevorah to Lft Rt and Thomas Labree.

35 Messer St.; Boarding Hse; $228,000; 35 Messer St Laconia LLC to Steven Levasseur.

1050 North Main St.; land and building; $295,000; Cory M. and Hannah J. Glines to Robert Mora.

178 Province St.; land and building; $201,000; Betty J. Young to Patrick R. Dalton.

79 Sarah Circle; land and building; $156,000; Carol A. Brody to Theresa Anstiss.

172 Turner Way; Res Dev Land; $70,000; Christopher G. and Susan A. Lang to Eric E. and Linda A. Wilking.

1198 Union Ave. Unit 2-7; Deeded Slip; $69,000; Jerry R. Laurent to Gregg and Marnie Gordon.

West Harbour Condo Unit 1; condominium; $310,000; Richmond Ft and Frederick G. Richmond to Richard and Kathleen M. Resmini.

205 Washington St.; land and building; $185,000; Ann M. Flynn and John M. Wheeler to John F. Kelly.

883 Weirs Blvd. Unit 37; condominium; $175,000; Paul and Barbara Bradley to Jessica L. Barker and Jocelyn Kondrotas.

No address Lot 127-19; $248,533; Susan E. Stgelais Ret and Susan E. Stgelais to Flavio and M. A. Pizzolon Ft and Flavio Pizzolon.


9 Azalea Ct Unit 9; condominium; $275,000; Sherri L. Kimball Ret and Sherri L. Kimball to John R. and Meredith Dahlrose.

375 Lovejoy Road; land and building; $445,000; Courtney and Joshua Glazier to Cory M. and Hannah Glines.

38 Madison Way; $115,000; Riveredge Properties LLC to John P. and Lisa L. Clemons.


18 Boynton Road; land and building; $265,000; Brian J. Bernard to Ethan C. and Christine Drew.

Lake Country Road; $100,000; Daniel and Constance Fitzgerald to Kevin J. and Cheryl A. Mailloux.

Meadow Lane; $235,000; Kimberly A. Sterndale to William J. and Angela Cargill.


1310 Little Sunapee Road; land and building; $500,000; Martha R. Smith Gerving T. and Martha G. Regan-Smith to Francesca R. and Ronald M. Koron.

25 Pressey Ct; land and building; $265,000; John Yatchisin Sr Irt and Nicole M. Sullivan to Nichols Scheur Ret and R. Nichols Scheu.

No address; $625,000; Susan Jane Moseley T. and Susan Moseley to Kenneth A. and Margaret Muller.


257 Gillingham Drive; Acc Land Imp; $140,000; Everett M. Kittredge Ret and Karen Kittredge to Melissa A. Thompson.

8 Lake Ave.; land and building; $857,533; Carol V. Burns and Joseph Davis to Douglas A. and Jane W. Paradis.

14 Lake Ave.; land and building; $595,000; Douglas and Jane Paradis to Pernaw Ft and Bradley K. Pernaw.

Orchard St.; $90,000; James A. and Patricia R. Dormer to Cynthia and Scott Lalonde.


Bean Hill Road; $52,000; Leanne Meier and David P. Oram to Eric C. and Monique L. Boisvert.

220 Shaker Road; mobile home; $37,000; Gary Anderson to James M. Reagan T. and James M. Reagan.

16 Summer St.; land and building; $169,000; Terry Anne Steady Ret and Terry A. Steady to Lura Rogers-Seavey.

70 Summer St.; land and building; $50,000; Michael R. Tobin to Gary J. Archibald.


No address; $250,000; Steven L. Wade and Molly Mulrooney-Wade to Craig D. and Shelley D. Moreshead.


165 Governors Road; land and building; $300,000; Larry and Mary J. Dubey to Catherine W. Makena.


4 Cooper St.; land and building; $166,533; N. Scott and Roselyn I. Lindemann to Bryan R. and Emilie M. Miller.

Fairgrounds Road; $200,000; Chester R. Ireland T. and Sara J. Tatham to Wade A. and Veralisa G. Reed.

24 Martin Estates Drive; land and building; $350,000; Eric M. and Elizabeth A. Shamansky to Dana C. and Curtis W. Goldman.

Yeaton Road; $30,000; Jody P. and Marianne T. Yeaton to R. & M. Szumski 2020 Ret and Rosanne J. Szumski.

No address Lot 2; $44,000; James Linter to Mark S. Herbert 2010 Ret and Mark S. Herbert.

No address Lot 2; $55,000; Donna M. Clifford to Joan M. and Clinton D. Clay.


112 Franklin Road; land and building; $151,333; Danbran LLC to Brandon C. Aversa.

Shaw Hill Road; $32,000; Scott Pilsbury T. and Scott E. Pilsbury to David M. Pilsbury.


656 New Hampton Road; land and building; $210,000; Thelma Moses Ft and Thelma F. Moses to Jonathan Allard.

Route 132; $118,400; William Wilcox and Jean A. Horner to Michael R. and Robbin L. Currier.

Sanborn Road; $760,000; William Wilcox and Jean A. Horner to Michael R. and Robbin L. Currier.


Baker Hill Road; $216,333; White Ret and Judith M. White to Dayle J. and Iqbal Shariff.


No address; $189,000; Marsha E. and Douglas L. Harris to Lisa Jones and Matthew Harbour.


No address; $1,200,000; Gerald E. Roy to Jacqueline E. Germain Ret and Jacqueline E. Germain.

No address; $175,000; 10-12 Traymore Street Rt and Seymour A. Danberg to Amy E. Taranto.


No address Lot 4; $217,533; Kimberlee Denning to Robert and Catherine Rousseau.

No address Lot 168; $77,933; Pike Construction LLC to Dana Hamilton and Richard Jakaitis.


Clothespin Bridge Road; $394,933; Arne M. and Christine T. Daniels to Justin M. Holley and Laura-Leigh Lady.


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