Capital area real estate listings Nov. 23 to 30

Published: 12/19/2020 9:09:15 PM

Allenstown Road; $400,000; Daniel T. and Jeffrey R. Mcnamara to Narnunu LLC.

15 Pine Acres Road; land and building; $332,000; Marc R. Aliotti to Monica Stecher.


24 Ridge Road; land and building; $299,000; Harry and Heather Pike to Kenneth J. and Kimberly A. Spizuoco.

131 Rogers Road; land and building; $200,000; Tkh Property Holdings LLC to Nicholas E. Bioren.

No address provided Lot 26; $31,000; Scott and Anne Davis to Marilyn Dansereau and Anthony Somma.


Bay Ave.; $695,000; Jean Haley Ret and Jean Haley to Sharon K. Ofenstein.

48 Dearborn St.; Manufacturng; $735,000; Fantasy Factory LLC to Mboyd Realty LLC.

44 Ladd Hill Road; land and building; $272,000; Glenn P. and Christine A. Foley to Roger R. Heon.

80 Main St.; land and building; $235,000; Martha J. Connelly to Robert A. and Debra Leslie.

No address provided; $20,000; James A. Costello to Michael Darbanville.


123 Corn Hill Road; land and building; $370,000; Robert Vieira to Edward L. and Maria L. Michel.

US Route 4; $105,000; Boscawen Office Rentals to Stewart Jones.


84 East Washington Road; land and building; $650,000; Heather and Eric B. Hogancamp to Lincoln H. and Patricia J. Heffner.

37 Oakdale Road; land and building; $220,000; Jonathan P. and Ruth G. Marden to Courtney Perron and Ethan H. Tyrrel-walker.

148 Sunset Hill Road; land and building; $358,000; Eric and Whitney Pearson to Diane Traxler-mcdonald and Michael Mcdonald.


61 Baker St.; land and building; $111,533; Kelsey E. and Jonathan G. Whitaker to David M. Lentine.

25 Cedar St.; 2-5 Fam Res; $275,000; Thomas R. Costigan to Leland J. Campbell.

Lakeview Ave.; $55,000; Felix R. and Carol M. Rodriguez to Mark and Sandra Nowell.

992 West Shore Road; land and building; $575,000; Glenn R. Ford and Mary T. Rurh to Robert J. Fanning and John T. Murphy.


381 Intervale Road; land; $85,000; Bh Re Holdings LLC to Philip J. and Sherry A. Nangle.

31 Nottingham Road; land and building; $230,000; 31 Nottingham LLC to Jeremy K. and Marie A. Cardinal.


32 Durgin Road; land and building; $298,000; Katherine Browall to Erin M. Issel.


37 Alice Drive Unit 140; condominium; $128,533; Janet L. Boivin T. and Janet L. Boivin to Gwen E. and Steven J. Arenella.

37 Alice Drive Unit 63; condominium; $145,933; Christopher and Sarah Comeau to Susanne Shumski-greene.

11 Callaway Drive Unit 4; Other Exempt; $255,000; Abbott Farm LLC to Jessica E. Bonenfant and George A. Connolly.

35 Callaway Drive Unit 2; condominium; $265,000; Amy K. Frechette to Christopher W. Jackson and Tammy R. Mcallister.

7 Cardinal Road; land and building; $301,000; Paula Ayotte to Dean M. Dumond and Richard Horgan.

32 Conant Drive; land and building; $321,000; Regina Kavadias to Andrea H. and James D. Caldwell.

10 Dunklee St.; land and building; $325,000; Tristin Craigue to Amanda Vicinanzo.

25 Hayward Brook Drive; land and building; $434,933; David Mattson Ret and David Mattson to Jacob I. and Jillian S. Poole.

12 Heights Road; land and building; $275,000; James Upton Ret 2018 and James Upton to Ashleigh and Matthew Celata.

11-13 Holt St. Unit 2; condominium; $235,000; Philip Tuttle to Janine S. Corbett.

17-19 Jennifer Drive Unit 1; condominium; $244,933; Janet E. Haines to Ellen J. Mitchell Ret and Ellen J. Mitchell.


No address provided Lot 5; $317,000; David and Mary Mccauley to Benjamin M. Bailey and Beverly G. Kirshe.


85 Candia Road; land; $533,733; Jk Mullikin&son Hm LLC to Joseph and Stacy Jakuttis.

14 Hill Top Drive; land and building; $335,333; Nationstar Reo Sub 1b LLC to Zv Investments LLC.

Middle Road; $65,000; John C. and Althea Garland to Antonio J. and Shawntel Palazzo.

112 South Road; 2-5 Fam Res; $419,933; Lori I. and Charles D. Watson to Roberto and Colleen Prieto.


20 Country Club Lane; Golf Course; $600,000; Dunbarton 88 LLC to Countryside Homes LLC.

28 Stark Hwy South; $535,000; Brookfield Inv Group Inc to Jennifer L. and Joshua M. Pratte.


14 Hilltop Drive; land; $335,223; Nationstar Mortgage LLC to Zv Investments LLC.

Ne Rye Road; $230,000; Corey E. Woodward to Kevin Morrisette.

Range Road; $350,000; Deslauriers Ft and Robert A. Deslauriers to Deborah E. and William Mcbride.

1199 Suncook Valley Hwy; land and building; $249,933; Heather and Russell Holmes to Kayla Butterworth and Taylor Cathcart.

67 Windymere Drive; land and building; $205,000; Barbara A. Smith Ret and Donald M. Smith to Kirsten M. and Patrick A. Obrien.


55 New Hampton Road; land and building; $126,266; Edge Re Investments LLC to Ryan A. Fournier.

126 West Bow St.; 2-5 Fam Res; $201,533; Christina and Jason Stockbridge to Daniel A. Morico.

No address provided; $370,000; Eric J. Potvin to Joshua S. and Rachel W. Parker.


737 Belknap Mountain Road; land and building; $315,000; Edward J. Marceau to Jason and Heather Javalgi.

230 Edgewater Drive; land and building; $4,900,000; Edward P. Grace to Kenneth R. Stillwell.

2 Heights Road; land and building; $665,000; Roy V. and Janet Richard to James A. and Christine M. Hammel.

131 Lake St.; Other Exempt; $750,000; 131 Lake Paugus Bay LLC to Chase Realty Partners LLC.

131 Lake St. Unit 29; Condo-Nonres; $3,925,000; Chase Realty Partners LLC to Global Rlty Acquisitions.

66 Pinecrest Drive; land and building; $442,000; Sally H. Doten 2016 T. and Sally H. Doten to John T. and Barbara A. Correira.

26 Ridgewood Ave.; land and building; $290,000; Jason N. and Heather K. Javalgi to Robert P. and Rebecca R. Dion.

46 Tate Road; land and building; $345,000; Kenneth F. and Karen A. Moore to Nosensopride LLC.

No address provided; $250,000; Philip A. Roux T. and Thomas Roux to Derek R. and Cynthia A. Tomlinson.

No address provided; $59,933; Gregory A. and Beverly M. Cobb to Native Timberworks Carp.


70 Cedar Drive; Acc Land Imp; $114,000; Philip J. Nardini and Sermin Hazer to Michael R. Booth.

Chipmunk Lane; $70,000; Paul R. and Geraldine M. Francoeur to Lindsay Tebbetts.

104 Gale Road; 2-5 Fam Res; $475,000; Scott A. and Cindy A. Treamer to John and Caitlin Macdonald.

Sargent Road; $73,000; Kevin J. Lydon to Brian and Cherie Peperissa.

113 South Road; land and building; $249,933; Richard& d. Merrill Ret and Richard G. Merrill to Samantha L. and Adam J. Brown.


162 Bennett Road; land and building; $399,933; Frank and Theresa Delgaudio to Jeffrey D. and Lanie Bellen.

311 Tanglewood Drive; land and building; $260,000; Debra J. Belanger and Debra J. Nacel to Patrick Mykulowycz and Jordan Shea.

62 Water St.; land and building; $97,533; Wg Properties LLC to Paul D. Belliveau.

34 Western Ave.; $330,000; David M. Taylor to Cassie Evans-Gilmore.


65 Indian Ridge Road; land and building; $220,000; Jonathan Holbrook to Donnette Fraser.


104 Akwa Vis; Forest Use; $420,000; Akwa Vista LLC to Phillips Ft and John J. Phillips.

19 Appleton St.; land and building; $199,933; Richado A. and Renee M. Weltch to Tracy R. Hall-white and Eric White.

99 Deerfield Turn Unit 99; condominium; $585,000; Ordway 1 Ft and F. Michael Ordway to Megan J. and Stephen G. Hodgson.

Endicott St. East; $369,933; Pem Real Estate LLC to Mercier 2017 T. and Thomas R. Mercier.

240 Franklin St. Unit 25; condominium; $179,000; Opechee Rt and Theresa C. Bage to Lisa A. Scott.

194 Garfield St.; Mxu Res+Com; $320,000; Humphrey Holdings LLC to Humble Holdings LLC.

28 Mcgrath St.; land and building; $248,000; James M. Reagan T. and James Reagan to Patrick and Leigh Ann Hanlon.

51 Memory Lane; land and building; $260,000; Michael R. and Cathryn V. Ferraro to Kellie F. Collins.

63 Nestledown Drive Unit C; condominium; $319,933; Elizabeth Mena and Arnaldo J. Roland to J. R. Blands Ft and John A. Chapman.

207 Pine St.; land and building; $160,000; Irene J. Caruso 2000 T. and Jean Caruso to David J. Florence.

300 Pine St.; land and building; $323,000; Christopher V. Hamel to Delana J. Cullen.

Route 11b Lot 1; $291,600; Jeremy&kim Martin Ret and Jeremy R. Martin to Jack Bourbeau.

90 South Main St.; land and building; $215,000; Robert W. and Kristina Burhoe to Brian A. Adamchik and Kyla E. Smith.

160 Treetop Circle Unit 31; condominium; $118,000; Shant Sarkissian to Leonard and Sandra Boucher.

257 Weirs Blvd. Unit 13; condominium; $245,000; John W. and M. Sharon Eldridge to Blyseth Ft and Ronald R. Blyseth.


51 Ricker Road; land and building; $346,000; David E. Schock Ret and Elizabeth A. Schock to Emma Lord and Zachary Lyford.

24 Shaker Brook Industrial P; $130,000; Gilbert Del R. &son Block to Haron Corp.


3 Abbey Lane Unit 25; condominium; $250,000; Michael J. and Lita Hogan to Eileen M. Stribula.

92 Collins Brook Road; land and building; $346,000; Amanda Gordon to David and Ceire Nevins.

Corliss Hill Road; $97,533; Patricia L. and Chris J. Logue to Stephen and Kristin Norton.

Eagle Ledge Road; $100,000; Hafen Kenneth Bryan Est and Matthew B. Hafen to Atlas Law Group Pllc.

9 Emily Circle Unit 9; condominium; $425,000; Gertrude F. Kropa 1996 Ret and George L. Chimento to Michael J. Hogan and Lita Barr-hogan.

29 Forest Hill Road; land and building; $380,000; Kathryn A. Lloyd to Patricia R. Fish T. and Gustaff V. Fish.

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