Letter: Cultural diversity education needed

Published: 4/18/2021 9:00:10 AM

I was born in Chicago to two blue collar workers. I attended Chicago public schools. My graduate degree is in health and wellness education. As a healthcare professional, I am ethically bound by my certification, scope of practice and personal ethical standards to treat all individuals with respect, honesty, dignity and equitable rights under the law. My last class as a graduate student was taught by an African American professor. It was entitled “Diversity in Health Education.”

I am not a racist. Lately, with all the politically driven consternation that is happening around our country, I have felt the need to research what state institutions are required to teach about cultural diversity (curricula for schools, training for state run businesses, etc.) under the provisions of the Constitution. I have learned that the Supreme Court has ruled that state run institutions, including public schools, have the ability to control curricula without violating free speech. The 14th Amendment compels states and school districts to prevent the creation of a learning environment that promotes hostility toward a certain race or sex. The courts have repeatedly ruled that the 14th Amendment outweighs and limits the First Amendment when it comes to government entities adopting policies and programs that perpetuate racial stereotyping, discrimination and harassment. Knowing this information, shouldn’t New Hampshire pass legislation that is against any form of racism, discrimination or harassment?

Diane Sullivan

North Sutton

Concord Monitor Office

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Concord,NH 03301


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