Letter: Executive Council crucial to NH education

Published: 5/12/2021 8:00:07 AM

It’s unfortunate that the great work that Dr. Frank Edelblut is doing for school choice in the Granite State continues to be mischaracterized and maligned by the political wing of the teachers’ unions that are keeping public schools shuttered in the most vulnerable communities. Fortunately, Dr. Edelblut has strong support from the current governor’s Executive Council and from Councilor Janet Stevens. Councilor Stevens has been a stark contrast to past councilors such as Debora Pignatelli who said on behalf of the Democrat majority in the last Council that Dr. Edelblut’s job was “to be a cheerleader for public schools.”

Now more than ever, American families see the need to support innovation and choice in schools and not to be beholden to union bureaucrats colluding with the CDC to keep children isolated in their homes. School choice also drives innovation for public and private schools and creates better opportunities for our teachers and diversity in our curriculums, especially important today as teachers’ unions increasingly pressure their members to instruct our children in radical tracks such as Critical Race Theory. For these reasons and more, I‘ve become a very enthusiastic supporter of Councilor Stevens and encourage my fellow Granite Staters to understand the role of the Executive Council and just how important it is to a properly functioning government in NH. We’ve seen first hand what a non-functioning council looks like, and I for one as a parent of three school age children do not want to go back.

Nick McNulty



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