Letter: Random acts of kindness still exist

Published: 5/16/2021 8:00:45 AM

Recently, I entered Market Basket in Warner while my husband Warren waited outside for me. I was shocked when my name was announced over the store intercom. A young stranger named Nicole from Henniker waited for me outside. She told me that her friend had witnessed Warren’s bloody fall in the parking lot. I learned that Nicole was a Red Cross employee who had called 911. The ambulance was already there.

Since I didn’t drive, she encouraged me to finish my shopping and then drove me home to Penacook in Warren’s truck to take care of my groceries. After that, she took me to the emergency room at Concord Hospital. She and her friend stayed with me for about five hours until Warren was diagnosed with a broken nose and many bruises. When he was released, Nicole drove us home while her friend followed us in her truck. I tried to pay them for helping me, but they refused the offer. I can’t thank Nicole and her friend enough for their kindness, compassion, generosity and patience. They truly represent the heart of New Hampshire.

Barbara Miner


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