Letter: NH in bad company for women

Published: 6/18/2021 8:00:13 AM

Gov. Sununu is about to put NH in very bad company. In this year alone, 536 abortion restrictions, including 146 abortion bans, were introduced across 46 states. So far, 61 of those restrictions have been enacted across 13 states, including eight bans. When women are denied the right, the power and the autonomy to make decisions about the course of their lives, harm and suffering result. Every one of these laws undermines women, as we continue to seriously lag men in economic resources.

In America, women are over 51% of the population, yet control only around 30% of the wealth. Men’s net worth is double that of women. These laws restrict women’s ability to manage existing responsibilities, fulfill dreams and achieve economic independence. Gov. Sununu could sign the state budget even though it contains an abortion ban. If he does, NH will join states around the country that are making it harder for women to chart the course of their lives and achieve the security they and their families deserve. If women are to ever attain true equality, we need to have the same decision-making authority over our bodies that men currently have. Abortion restrictions do not protect or help women advance, they create difficulty and obstruct our freedom.

Monica Ciolfi



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