Letter: Hey you, pipe down

Published: 7/17/2021 7:00:21 AM

The recent AARP bulletin contains an article titled, “A (not very) silent killer” with subtitle, “The end of the pandemic means the return of noise - and a surprising number of serious health issues that come with it.” Over the years there has been an increasingly disturbing trend by a portion of the driving public to force everyone to hear their comings and goings. I’m talking about vehicles with “modified” and seemingly without mufflers that can contribute greatly to noise levels. This is totally unnecessary for the vast majority of us seeking the peaceful enjoyment of New Hampshire’s rural environment.

Thoughtful legislators of the past enacted specific laws to address this issue: RSA 266:59 clearly states that “Every motor vehicle shall at all times be equipped with a muffler… in good working order and in constant operation to prevent excessive or unusual noise, and no person shall use a muffler cutout, bypass or similar device upon a motor vehicle on a way.” Further Saf-C 3218.01 states “The exhaust system … shall be inspected for… excessive noise pursuant to RSA 266:59…”What’s excessive you say? How about an easily enforceable standard of exceeding the stock muffler decibel level. It’s time for the caring public to raise its voice to have these laws enforced. Police must stop vehicles with loud mufflers and issue fines per the RSA. Inspection stations, which pass vehicles with loud mufflers, should lose their ability to inspect. Our good health depends on it.

Glenn Horner



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