Letter: We need menstrual equity

Published: 9/15/2021 7:00:09 AM

Periods are normal. Periods are signs of health in women. However, they are often seen as disgusting, putrid and annoying by many, especially those who do not menstruate. Why is that some people are able to feel so comfortable talking about phalluses and everything penile openly but when someone needs a tampon for a natural monthly occurrence, they are looked down upon? We need menstrual equity.

Everyone who menstruates needs to feel comfortable about having a period. It’s amazing that I am writing this in 2021, and this is still a problem. I propose bringing back a National Period Day. In 2019, there was a nationwide call to action to improve access to menstrual equity, accompanied by rallies and marches. Once a year, people talk openly about periods and literally everything that goes along with them, omitting nothing. We could even hold a march again! Anybody who will eventually menstruate, everybody who currently menstruates, and everybody who used to menstruate, let’s unite.

Anna Gallagher



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