Letter: Prescription drug prices and false advertisements

Published: 9/27/2021 7:00:17 AM

I received “Important Plan Info” today from my Part D Medicare Prescription Drug insurance provider, Elixir. The information is that my premium for 2022 will nearly double. My premium is currently $14.30 per month, next year it will be $28.30 per month. Elixir is also making changes to their “Formulary” or “Drug List.” Contrary to those false and deceptive TV commercials, it’s the insurance company that is changing the drug list not the government. The increase in monthly premiums is without a doubt due in part to the law that prohibits any negotiation of Part D drug prices.

Once again those TV commercials come to mind. Somebody is paying a lot of money for those false and deceptive TV commercials. I suspect that their motivation has a lot more to do with their profits than their concern for “Washington” limiting your drugs and your rights . My wife’s Part D with Express Scripts is also doubling next year. We are living in a world of deception and false statements. Please ask questions about those prescription drug commercials and all advertisements that choose to make one sided arguments with no documentation. Wouldn’t it be nice if the organizations paying for those commercials would identify themselves instead of hiding behind some patriotic sounding Super Pac name? Please demand accurate information in commercials and please contact your legislators to keep prescription drug prices fair and to insist on transparency on who is paying for advertisements.

Richard Moore



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