Letter: Don’t believe in the bogeyman

Published: 11/26/2021 7:00:32 AM
Modified: 11/26/2021 7:00:16 AM

I urge my fellow NH citizens, don’t believe in the bogeymen that Moms for Liberty hollering “parental rights” and the authors of our recent state budget are trying to conjure. Fear not NH teachers! NH teachers are professionals whom you can trust. The requirements for certification of NH’s teachers are extensive and demanding. To prepare for certification at UNH, students have so many requirements that they need two advisors, one in their major department (like political science or economics) and another in the education program. Most students need five years to earn the M.Ed. They take a broad range of courses from many professors. They cannot get away with facile ideological thinking or writing, whether conservative or progressive.

Our would-be teachers must demonstrate knowledge of facts to produce evidence-based arguments. The competition for a full-time teaching position in NH is fierce and the financial compensation modest. Still, teachers invest their futures in our children. Do not fall for the silly fantasies of those who try to make you doubt some of our most admired public institutions: NH public schools. Fine teaching professionals make NH a state to envy in what we offer our children. The state’s reporting form and Moms for Liberty’s bounty-offer threaten our public education system by bullying professional educators. Do not fear our teachers. Do fear those hollering “parental rights” who think you are dumb enough to waste your time charging against the phantoms of their imaginings.

Cathy A Frierson



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