Letter: Where’s the outrage?

Published: 5/14/2022 7:02:00 AM
Modified: 5/14/2022 7:00:12 AM

A recent NPR/Ipsos poll reports that three-quarters of parents nationwide feel their children’s school keeps them well informed on curriculum content. A majority feel the values taught in school are similar to those at home. Merely 18% protested that race theory, “grooming” or other inappropriate content was taught. So the supposed partisan divide over schools is another manufactured issue. One parental concern is very real: special education for students suffered during the pandemic. Responsible schools struggle to address this despite a teacher shortage. But New Hampshire sees its public education infrastructure being dismantled under the guise of “freedom.”

We’re free to choose non-accredited schools, including some that indoctrinate the Big Lie, at local taxpayers’ expense. The cost overrun of Education Commissioner Edelblut’s voucher program, which comes without accountability, will be borne by cuts to other programs and downshifting costs to local school districts. Many children in need of special education will get none under the voucher system because they will not have qualified teachers in unaccredited schools. I worked in a resource room when students from a school in a church basement were dumped back into the public system. Most were two grades behind and those with unaddressed special needs were severely affected. The NH legislature, the governor, and a loud minority have allowed a non-issue to become a partisan flashpoint and everybody loses. Vote them out. Commissioner Edelblut was never qualified for his post and should be removed before his policies further harm our state’s children.

Christine Hague



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