Letter: Biden, don’t make Neville Chamberlain’s mistake

Published: 8/1/2022 7:04:06 AM
Modified: 8/1/2022 7:00:57 AM

Neville Chamberlain was a well-dressed, well-educated, impeccably well-mannered British Prime Minister in 1938. Chamberlain was tested then, as is Biden today, by a threat to his country’s survival from a deranged violent fascist dictator. Chamberlain’s supreme test differed from Biden’s in one regard, in that Chamberlain’s fascist opponent was operating from outside the borders of Chamberlain’s country. Chamberlain met with the fascist dictator three times in 1938. He politely told the fascist dictator that his annexation of Austria, his invasion of the Sudentenland, and his plans for the future, were not very nice. The fascist promised he would never do it again. Chamberlain said all right then, thanks, you seem to be a good honest chap, and went home to “celebrate.”

Chamberlain’s approach to the threat to his country was way too weak, and a big mistake for him and for Europe and for much of the world. Joe Biden’s AG Merrick Garland seems to be one of the nicest and politest men in America today, but one who also seems to be inordinately worried about what people may think if he does something decisive. I wonder if the gentlemanly policies of Biden and Garland will be enough to save American democracy?

Charlie Ajootian



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