Letter: There is nothing good about the common good

Published: 03-18-2023 7:00 AM

It ends up being the common misery. Needs are not more important than rights. The common good is based on sacrifice, slavery and theft. A bureaucrat or politician is appointed to be in charge of determining what is the “common good” and that person then sets about making others sacrifice their time, income and even their lives for it. The fact that these people are sacrificed against their will makes it pure slavery. Individual liberty and freedom is robbed and a collective state reigns. People, cultures, countries and especially ideas are attacked. Freedom of speech is removed and rigid adherence to the party line is demanded or else. The body count becomes staggering.

Look at Cambodia, Vietmam, China, Germany and others. There is the “common good” in its truest form. The “common good” pits the individual against the government. Achievement is viewed as a fault and everyone is pulled down to the lowest common denominator. Civilizations based on the “common good” are bound to fail as shown by what is happening in Venezuela and Zimbabwe as I write this. These counties do not just need a better leader, they need a different system. Mutual cooperation willingly entered into works for all, forced cooperation leads to the destruction of all. If you value life, fairness and morality, even at the local level, run from politicians invoking the “common good” and embrace freedom of choice and the right of the individual.

Edward Smith



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