Letter: Response to ‘Free Staters’

Published: 3/18/2023 7:00:17 AM
Response to ‘Free Staters’

In relation to Ian Underwood’s letter (3/15) I’d say my answer to his three questions are ‘yes.’ However, I’m not sure his are. Because the FS movement is a 501(C)(3) organization, donations to it are tax deductible. That means they pay less taxes leaving more for me to pay. That certainly doesn’t respect my property.

Since I’m subsidizing them, I’m not allowed to determine how much I wish to contribute to them, they decide how much welfare they want to collect and I’m forced to subsidize this. This forces me to support your group, a choice I don’t want to make. Ian, I suggest you choose to not take any tax deductions. Don’t drive on any roads. If your home catches fire, get out your garden hose.

Harold Olson



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