Letter: A net positive

Published: 5/25/2023 7:00:24 AM
Modified: 5/25/2023 7:00:09 AM

Regarding the $20 million bond issue in Franklin and the small portion that is the whitewater park. Some attack Marty Parichand as an “outsider” only about profit. Marty had a dream, that brought him to Franklin. Marty wasn’t thinking ‘take advantage of these suckers, make tons and live stress-free!’ He got dirty and put in the work. Marty gave up a career that could have allowed him to keep his dream to himself and have a blast. He knew it would be more fulfilling if he could share it. Having seen it work elsewhere, he knew it would benefit many who’d never stick a toe in the Winnipesaukee. Marty could have gone anywhere but he chose Franklin, not because it was the easiest or the most profitable; it was the most rewarding.

Marty isn’t from Franklin, but he is Franklin. He didn’t come from money, he is blue collar. Prefer a “local” who only takes without giving back? Those at the very top have the most to do with our cost of existence. Gas companies raise rates just because. Wars waged so the greedy profit. That is where our income goes for nothing. Warped media that tells us “that guy” is the problem; they are why your life is difficult. A false narrative to distract us. It poisons us at the local level, often the last place where we can still make a difference. Let’s not forsake our communities and ourselves for the sins of the greedy. The whitewater park will give more than it takes, simple as that.

Bill Yacopucci



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