Letter: Vote for cease fire in primary

Published: 12-13-2023 3:46 PM

I intend to write in the words “cease fire” on my presidential primary ballot. This is not an endorsement of the violence that occurred on October 7th, nor an effort to undermine the president. It is a matter of using the agency that the primary affords me to vote my conscience. I would like President Biden to do well in the general election. My concern is with Israel’s annihilation of Palestinians in Gaza and this administration’s support of that misguided and monstrous effort. The U.S. is not doing all it can to end the killing of innocent civilians and the complete destruction of hospitals and other infrastructure. The level of destruction makes me wonder if this is about chasing terrorists or making Gaza unlivable.

Last week, the U.S. vetoed a U.N. humanitarian cease fire resolution and completed more munitions sales to the IDF. The “bear hug” and the self-righteous claim that Palestinian’s were lying about the number of their dead propped up Prime Minister Netanyahu. It is time to drastically change course, immediately commence a humanitarian cease fire and let Netanyahu face the music for his failed leadership. I hope a few fellow dreamers will share this letter with their friends and join me by writing “cease fire” on their ballots.

Andru Volinsky


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