Letter: A better analogy for DeVos

Published: 2/26/2020 12:01:18 AM

If Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos and others want to create an analogy to the Holocaust, let’s consider our attitude and actions toward immigrants.

Leading up to the extermination of Jews in Nazi Germany, fear and hatred turned friends and countrymen against each other. People’s businesses, property and personal belongings were confiscated, people were detained, forced to flee, resettled in ghettos and labor camps, put in jail and herded en masse to concentration camps. Children and adults were raped. People were denied basic necessities. Because seeds of hate were planted by a regime, more than 6 million people were extinguished.

Today, in the United States, we are putting children in cages and separating families into concentration camps. Children and adults are being abused and raped. People are being denied basic necessities. People are dying.

Homeland Security checkpoints on routes 89, 93 and elsewhere in New England are becoming routine. Just in the last week, swat-like teams – similar to the role played by the Gestapo in Nazi Germany – are moving into sanctuary cities, including Boston. Now, ICE is boarding buses and conducting searches without warrants. What is next?

As a country, we are traumatizing people and leaving an indelible mark on our and their future. We are succumbing to fear and hate. We are dehumanizing others. This is analogous to the time leading up to the Holocaust.

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