Letter: Follow the energy roadmap

Tuesday, December 19, 2017
Follow the energy roadmap

Dear members of the N.H. House Science, Technology and Energy Committee: I read Rep. Peter Somssich’s roadmap toward reaching a renewable energy goal in our beloved New Hampshire by 2040 (Monitor Forum, Dec. 16). As a state resident for the past 30 years, I hope that the majority of Rep. Somssich’s fellow committee members will support his bill as planning tool.

New Hampshire prides itself being ranked near the top of many lists in providing for its residents and businesses a quality of life unlike anywhere else. In order to continue on that path utilizing all renewable energy assets in our state is imperative. Our neighbors in the New England region are already looking to replace fossil fuels with renewable energy resources to create new jobs, tap into energy-efficiency measures to reduce costs and inspire their youth to remain in-state.

Climate change is real. It is happening, and we humans are largely responsible. That is a fact. As our elected legislators, it is your responsibility to ensure that New Hampshire meets the challenges it faces at present and in the future.