Letter: An insulting response to heartbreaking tragedy

Published: 11/20/2019 12:01:15 AM

Say her name: Molly Banzhoff. She had barely turned 13, so really she was just barely a teen when she died an excruciating death from a brain tumor. A child.

The heartbreaking insult by the New Hampshire Board of Medicine is shocking (Monitor front page, Nov. 15). In most states the overriding mission of the board is to safeguard public health and safety, and the public trust of the citizens. They serve the public by protecting us from incompetent or improperly trained physicians. The right to practice medicine is a privilege granted by the state.

I looked long and hard and was unable to find a mission statement from this board. Apparently, their mission, in this case, was to slap the wrist of three practicing physicians by levying a laughable fine of $3,000 each. They capped the insult with eight hours of continuing education on evaluating and assessing “the headache patient.” Seriously? Good grief.

The board could have placed restrictions on their license or put them on probation. That would be protecting the public. Concord Hospital could have fired them. They allow them to continue working. They make no comments.

As an RN of 40 years, I am practically screaming right now at the tragedy of this. Molly’s family are heroes, plain and simple. You would have to be an unflinching hero to withstand this ordeal. To then be further insulted by the actions of the board and Concord Hospital is not just a disgrace, it is outrageous.



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