Letter: Alford-Teaster thinks ahead

Published: 9/7/2020 12:01:18 AM

Voters in state Senate District 8 have a real choice to vote for this year: Jenn Alford-Teaster.

We need a change in leadership. Doing the same thing over and over has gotten us where we are: struggling schools, skyrocketing property taxes, and people who work full time and have to rely on food stamps to survive. The number of homeless people in New Hampshire is increasing. Small businesses have struggled or gone under during the pandemic, while huge corporations that aren’t even based in New Hampshire get special tax treatment. Our state, with its strong tradition of environmental conservation, has fallen behind other states in its response to climate change.

Jenn is committed to lowering property taxes, improving schools, and building real economic development for the state.

Jenn is smart, compassionate, and incredibly hard-working. She worked her way out of poverty and understands the system from the ground up. She will work across party lines to improve life in our district. She gets out and talks to people. She listens. Jenn has a graduate degree in public health and has focused her research on rural health; she has worked in emergency management to improve first responders’ and medical workers’ ability to manage a crisis.

She is capable, involved, and forward-thinking, and I believe that her election will lead to real improvements in the state and in our towns.


Sutton Mills

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