Letter: Defending an idea

Saturday, November 11, 2017
Defending an idea

A year has passed since the election of Donald Trump, and I find myself asking: Are we in a better place than we were a year ago? I fear the answer is no.

The United States is unique among the other nations in the world in that it wasn’t founded based on a common language, a common religion or even a common heritage. It was founded on an idea, an idea so eloquently expressed by Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence and later reinforced by Abraham Lincoln in the midst of the Civil War.

When a nation founded on an idea begins to ignore or undermine that idea, it loses a little bit of its soul. If we, as a nation, allow that idea to give way to expediency, economics or fear, we become less than what we were.

As we near the 154th anniversary of Lincoln’s speech at Gettysburg, we must, as Lincoln suggested, rededicate ourselves to this founding idea.

This nation was intended to be an example to the rest of the world. It rests on us to make sure the United States continues to be worthy of that responsibility.